Twitch streamer Morgpie appearing to wear nothing during a livestream.

Morgpie Topless Twitch Livestream

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Morgpie Topless Twitch Livestream or Morgpie Nude Twitch Streams refers to a series of viral Twitch livestreams in early December 2023 in which streamer, cosplayer and OnlyFans model Morgpie appeared to be topless or nude in front of the camera with the frame cropped just above her breasts in an attempt to circumvent Twitch's terms of service. Numerous moments from her streams quickly became the subject of viral debates and controversy on Twitter / X, Reddit and other platforms as they garnered attention and inspired memes on social media, with other nude Twitch streams of a similar cropped style popping up around the same time. The subsequent trend popularized by Morgpie became known as the Twitch Thot Meta.


On or around December 7th, 2023, Twitch streamer Morgpie (@mogrpee on Twitter / X)[1] appeared on a livestream either topless or entirely naked with her camera placed to cut off just above her nipples. The VODs have since been removed but clips still exist of the stream on her channel.[7] The moment was shared on X[2] that same day by the Twitter account @Dexerto (shown below), which garnered over 63 million views and 169,000 likes in three days.


A day before Morgpie's video went viral on X, streamer @cinnamontoastk[3] had already mentioned the creator's previous content on December 7th, 2023, (shown below, left) stating, "Pretending to be naked while streaming and jump around a little from time to time." The post amassed over 1,100 likes and 43 retweets in four days.

Morgpie replied to the tweet on the same day with a screenshot of @cinnamontoastk's stream in which he appears to be naked too (shown below, right). The post amassed more than 730 likes and 23 retweets in four days.

Cinnamon ToastKen @cinnamontoastk. Follow Looks like a growing fad on @twitch is to either be or pretend to be naked while streaming and jump around a little from time to time. Why did I never think of this? DE 130680 X u are Morgpie award winning sprinkler @mogrpee. Follow Hop on the trend @cinnamontoastk ! RODED Copo 21 ep 10 + FFF atas +F SCORE FD CODE PIE FOR 10% OFF 130600 X

Morgpie Twitch Ban

On December 11th, 2023, Morgpie was banned from Twitch, according to a post on X[8] by @StreamerBans. The news (shown below), amassed over 170 likes and 47 retweets in a few minutes. This was her fifth ban on the platform, according to Streamers Bans[9].

StreamerBans ● @StreamerBans. Follow Automated X Twitch Partner "Morgpie" has been banned! X #twitch #ban #fifthban #partner #twitchpartner C Twitch Partner "Morgpie" has been banned! Click here to look at their ban history Morgpie - StreamerBans Look at the ban history for the Twitch streamer Morgpie 3:12 PM - Dec 11, 2023 X 0

Twitch Allows "Artistic Nudity"

On December 13th, 2023, Twitch[10] updated its approach to sexual content and content classification labels. The company's statement declared some types of content that were prohibited will now be allowed on the platform. The X[11] page @Dexerto posted a thread detailing some of the new guidelines (shown below), which amassed over 642 likes and 289 retweets in a few hours.

Dexerto @Dexerto Twitch Updated their Sexual Content Policy: - Changes: Certain content now allowed with labels - Artistic Nudity: Permitted under Sexual Themes Label - Game Nudity: Contextual; labels necessary Body Painting: Acceptable with appropriate label - Mature Games:Label generally covers content - Stream Visibility: Impacted by content labels 4:50 PM Dec 13, 2023 353K Views . Subscribe

Online Reactions

Immediately after @Dexerto's tweet showing the topless streamer, several users responded to the video with memes, reaction images and jokes, among other sentiments, as it spread online. For instance, on December 8th, 2023, X[4] user @ThatOneMate55 replied to Morgpie's video with the caption, "Twitch when they're told to ban these girls instead of all the normal people" (shown below), which amassed over 3 million 41,000 likes in three days.

Numerous posts on the /r/LivestreamFail subreddit in early December 2023 also generated significant discourse surrounding Morgpie. For example, a post on December 8th titled "This is legit for twitch I think" that included a clip from one of Morgpie's streams received over 2,500 upvotes and 440 comments in three days.[5] Another post on the sub later that night included a clip from streamer PayMoneyWubby in which he discussed Morgpie, receiving over 3,900 upvotes and 300 comments in a similar timeframe.[6]

Various Examples

@miintytv Should this be allowed? #twitch #streamer #twitchtok #fyp #streamtips #twitchtok7 #streaming #streamingtips #fypγ‚· ♬ VVV (HEΒ΄S BACK) – mikeeysmind & Sanikwave

Topless Twitch Streams / Twitch Thot Meta

Topless Twitch Streams or Twitch Thot Meta refers to a trend or meta on the livestreaming website Twitch that involves mostly female streamers broadcasting while they are seemingly naked, showing only a cropped frame above their breasts in an attempt to circumvent the platform's terms of service while attracting viewers. The trend was popularized in early December 2023, most notably with model and OnlyFans creator Morgpie, which instigated an online debate about Twitch adult content loopholes and sexualized content on the site.


In March of 2024, Morgpie began streaming while using her shorts as a type of greenscreen, allowing her to superimpose any gameplay or footage onto her butt.

The innovation inspired others, particularly VTubers, to attempt similar content on the platform.

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