Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit.

Nancy Pelosi's 2022 Taiwan Visit

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Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Visit refers to tensions between China, Taiwan and the United States surrounding U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, which began on August 2nd, 2022. The tensions are part of a larger ongoing conflict over Taiwan's independence from China, which existed for decades prior to the 2022 trip. The tensions and threats issued by China over the visit inspired discussions and memes on social media, including an influx of World War III memes.


Postponed April 2022 Visit

On April 6th, 2022, the media reported that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to visit Taiwan on April 9th following a visit to Japan.[1] The trip would have marked the first time since 1997 when a high-ranking U.S. government official visited Taiwan, a partially recognized state in East Asia seen by China as its breakaway province.

The news was met with China warning the United States over the visit, saying that the country would "take strong measures" that would "severely impact Chinese-U.S. relations" should Pelosi visit Taiwan, demanding "immediate cancelation" of the visit.[2][3]

On April 8th, the U.S. congressional delegation to Asia was postponed after Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19.[4] The visit was later rescheduled for August 2022.[5]

August 2022 Visit

On July 21st, 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden said that the U.S. military officials believed it was "not a good idea" for Pelosi to visit Taiwan at the moment.[6]

Starting in late July 2022, China resumed its criticism of the planned visit and issued more threats over it. On July 27th, media reported that China vowed "serious consequences" if Pelosi visited the island.[7]

On July 27th, the media reported that the U.S. military was making plans in case Pelosi traveled to Taiwan.[8] On July 29th, a Chinese top state-media commentator tweeted that China could shoot down Pelosi's plane if it flies to Taiwan (tweet removed by Twitter).[9][10] On July 30th, Pelosi departed from San Francisco to Pacific Asia. On that day, China reported that it was conducting military exercises off its coast opposite Taiwan.[11] @disclosetv JUST IN - Pelosi is now en route to Asia: reports. SPAR19 United States - US Air Force (USAF) flightradar24 LIVE AIR TRAFFIC #1 Worldwide Jetex **** **** Ⓒ Juan Manuel Gibaja Tracked by 1,824 LIVE AIRCRAFT TYPE (8737) Boeing C-40C REGISTRATION 09-0540 SERIAL NUMBER (MSN) 8 CALIBRATED ALTITUDE 32,000 ft ********* Recent 09-0540 flights AGE Open > COUNTRY OF REG. ♫ VERTICAL SPEED 8 TRACK 249° ** GPS ALTITUDE N/A 5:36 AM Jul 30, 2022. Twitter Web App SPAR19 Pond *** San Francis OREGON ento San JO : X CALIFORNIA San

On July 31st, 2022, Nancy Pelosi tweeted[12] about the government visit to several Asian countries without mentioning Taiwan. On August 2nd, 2022, a U.S. Air Force plane departed from Malaysia, heading for Taipei, Taiwan.[13][14]

O JUST IN- U.S. Air Force plane that took Pelosi to Malaysia has just departed from Kuala Lumpur. SPAR19 X United States - US Air Force (USAF) flightradar24 #1 Worldwide Tracked by 62,272 LIVE Ⓒ Juan Manuel Gibaja SZB KUALA LUMPUR +08 (UTC +08:00) @disclosetv ACTUAL 3:42 PM ESTIMATED AIRCRAFT TYPE (8737) Boeing C-40C REGISTRATION 09-0540 SERIAL NUMBER (MSN) 40706 N/A CALIBRATED ALTITUDE 33,525 ft GPS ALTITUDE COUNTRY OF REG. AGE (DEC 2010) 11 years Recent 09-0540 flights VERTICAL SPEED +1,024 fpm TRACK 106⁰ Langsa itoli Malacca Strait Meda Lubuk Pakam Pematangsiantar NORTH SUMATRA Sibolga Siberut Island A12 ToTaiping + PEKAK Bukittinggi Pariaman AH2 Padang Malaysia KLAOLYmpur Du Bi WEST SUMATRA Pek Obaru Sumatra EGER EMB RIAU Taman Nara 4:10 AM. Aug 2, 2022 · Twitter Web App JERENGGANU MACCA SPAR19 Bukit Tigapuluh- National Par PAHANG H AM18 ANTL JOH Singap Tarjung Ping JUST IN - #SPAR19 destination: Songshan Airport in Taipei, #Taiwan. flightradar24 Apps Add coverage Data / History LIVE AIR TRAFFIC Sess OnO хо @disclosetv SPAR19 United States - US Air Force (USAF) flightradar24 #1 Worldwide Tracked by 71,668 LIVE © Juan Manuel Gibaja SZB KUALA LUMPUR +08 (UTC+08:00) ACTUAL 2,887 km, 05:42 ago 15:42 ESTIMATED AIRCRAFT TYPE (8737) Boeing C-40C Pe 3D view Vietnam More SPAR19 information REGISTRATION 09.05.40 TSA TAIPEI CST (UTC+08:00) Route QUỹ Nhơn. 935 km, in 01:19 22:43 COUNTRY OF REG - JK 75 Follow 000 More NGDONG ong O Subscription plans Social Press About uzhou Kaolu City Taipei 80 9:42 AM. Aug 2, 2022. Twitter Web App Taiwan koila Settings Weather Filters 80 Widgets SPAR19 Upgrade 1 Playback Commercial services N Q Search & Log in UTC 13:23 VIEW Map ... Philippine Sea K KV Keyboard shortcuts Map data ©2022 Google. TMan Mobility 100 km Terms of

Later that day, Nancy Pelosi landed in Taipei, with multiple media outlets reporting on her arrival.[20] Following the landing, Pelosi posted a tweet[21] in which she voiced her "unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant Democracy."

Online Reactions

Nancy Pelosi's planned visit to Taiwan sparked discussions and memes online in late July and early August 2022. China's threats over Pelosi's planned visit sparked memes about the trip serving as a catalyst for WW3. Memes about Nancy Pelosi potentially profiting from market movements caused by her decisions due to her husband being a stock trader also trended on social media.

FlightRadar Tracking

Nancy Pelosi's July 30th, 2022, flight to Pacific Asia was tracked by over 100,000 people on the flight tracking website FlightRadar24.[15]

On August 2nd, over 300,000 people were reportedly tracking Nancy Pelosi's plane as it departed from Kuala Lumpur and headed for Taiwan,[16] with the website going down due to an influx of visitors.[17]

World War III Scare Memes

Reports of China threatening negative consequences for Taiwan and the United States over Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island sparked memes about the visit becoming a catalyst for World War III. For example, on July 29th, 2022, Twitter[18] user @Fallen_x_King posted a Blinking White Guy meme that gained over 240 retweets and 2,000 likes in three days (shown below, left).

Saad @Fallen_x_King #WW3 #WWIII When you're laughing about World war 3 to happen and suddenly night turns into day : 6:34 PM Jul 29, 2022. Twitter for Android Nancy pelosi on her to only be remembered in history as being the speaker of the house that gets shot down starting ww3 made with mematic

Insider Trading Memes

As Nancy Pelosi is married to Paul Pelosi, a stock trader who previously traded stocks of computer chip companies, and as Taiwan houses Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the largest chip manufacturer in the world, memes about Nancy Pelosi profiting off her political decisions were posted online. For example, a July 31st, 2022, tweet[19] by user @Veronic559122266 gained over 1,200 retweets and 9,100 likes in two days (shown below, left).

Veronica Lopez @Veronic59122266 Nancy Pelosi is willing to risk starting a war with China so that she can make massive profits on her husband's insider trading deals on computer chips. #Pelosi #Taiwan. Hey, Pelosi IM YOUR PILOT! GOOD LUCK ON LANDING THE PLANE! ... 10:23 PM. Jul 31, 2022. Twitter Web App average seed oil enjoyer @2bob2praxis RIP Nancy Patricia Pelosi 1940-2022. She died doing what she loved, trying to start a war so she could make millions of dollars. 2:09 PM Jul 29, 2022. Twitter Web App

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As much as I hate Nancy, I will support her on this point. Taiwan is a independent country that values the same ideals of Democracy (in principle at least, most of us are aware democracy in the States is quite fucked right now). However most importantly, to the idiots that are saying that we shouldn't have this visit either because "Taiwan isn't important and we should just let the Chinese have it", the biggest reason the two super powers are fighting over it is because whoever controls computer chip manufacturing, which is becoming more and more prevalent as more of our devices required smaller and more advanced chips, controls the next century. And guess where the smallest, most advanced chips are made


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