Operation Yashima

Operation Yashima

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Operation Yashima (Japanese: ヤシマ作戦, Yashima Sakusen) was an online campaign launched by Japanese Internet users to conserve energy after a tsunami earthquake caused rolling-blackouts in the Tokyo metropolitan area in March of 2011.[1] The effort was nicknamed "Operation Yashima" as a reference to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which an enemy is defeated by using a rifle that drains power grids in Japan.


The original "Operation Yashima" comes from the sixth episode of the Japanese anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion in which a nationwide blackout campaign is mobilized in order to gather electric power to defeat an enemy (shown below).

On March 11th, 2011, an undersea earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan which triggered massive tsunami waves that caused thousands of deaths, injuries and nuclear accidents. Three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant complex experienced meltdowns causing a shortage of energy. On the following day, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) warned that a large scale blackout might occur and urged residents to refrain from wasting energy. Japanese Internet users inspired by the Neon Genesis Evangelion episode began using the keyword "Operation Yashima" and the hashtag "#yashimasakusen110312" to encourage energy conservation on sites like Twitter, Facebook and the Japanese social network service Mixi.

Notable Developments

On March 12th alone, "Operation Yashima" was tweeted 153,928 times according to the news website RBB Today.[2] The same day, an unofficial website[3] and wiki page[4] for the operation was launched, which aimed to promote energy conservation (shown below).

本作戦は非公式活動であり、 各メーカーや版権者様等とは ·切関係御座いません。 ヤシマ作戦 工場や商業施設にもご勓をお願いしているとは 思いますが、個人の消費電力節電に 協力をお願い亄ます。 午後6時から同7時です。 上記時間帯においては出来る範囲で電力の 消費を避けてください。以降の時間帯でも 無理のないように節電してください。 炊鰣間をずらすだけでも 救える命があります。 OPERATION YASHIMA 皆様のご協力を瀕いいたします。FRA UNOFFICIAL 特務機関ネルフ広報部 詳しくはこの文章をクリックしてください。

Operation Yashima

We are in a serious power shortage.
We do ask for your cooperation in saving power as well as factories and commercial facilities.

The peak time of power demand is from 6 PM to 7 PM.
Please avoid using power during those hours as much as possible. And please keep saving power in other hours within your capability.

You can save lives by just delaying the start of a rice cooker.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Public Relations Department in Special Duty Organization NERV

An address to the people on Operation Yashima website

Also on March 12th, Japanese news media[5][6] reported on the campaign, as well as the English news sites Anime News Network[7] and Tokyohive.[8] On March 13th, the official Evangelion blog[9] published a post about the operation, which expressed approval for the campaign and its goals. The following day, the Operation Yashima website[10] announced that the creators of the Evangelion series had permitted Internet users to use the titles "NERV", "Operation Yashima" and the Neon Genesis Evangelion logo for the purpose of the campaign. The same day, the Japanese visual artist Shinji Higuchi,[11] who helped draw the storyboard for Operation Yashima in the 2007 animated film Evangelion 1.0,[12] uploaded illustrations for the operation to the Japanese social network Pixiv (shown below).[13]

Profile WorksBookmarks Staccfeed List ofリンパンティデン's works 18 result(s) Illustration Novel Fiith.Group ⑤第伍集団 8888-88.88 Third.Group Fourth.Group ④第四集 88. 88-88.88 Second Group ③第参集! 8888-88.88 3 2 5 : 88-8888 辞 停 停 爵停電 Roling Roling Bl L tohoku-03改 tohoku-02改 tohoku-05 tohoku 04 Fifth.Group ⑤第伍集! 88, 88-88:88 5 Frst.Group ①第壱集1 : 88-88: 88 ②第弐集! 88 88-88.83 輪番 番1 停電地 停電 Rolling Black Roling Roling KANTO 05 KANTO 02 5th group (修正) tohoku-01 group zero_2 2nd Group_b Second.Group ②第弐集 88, 88-88:88 Frst.Group ①第壱集! 88, 88-88.88 Frst.Group 2a 1b la 3日本国内 10第壱集 88-88: 88 輪番 番1 地域 Roling Black Roling Black Roling Black KANTO 02 KANTO 01 ALL OVER JAPAN 2nd Group_ã 1st group_b 1st groupa save energV Zero.Group ○第0集! Fiith.Group 第五集! 88.88-88.88 5 Fourth.Group 10第四集| 88.88-88.88 Third.Group ③第参集! 8888-88.88 聤電地 停飛 fr停電 Roling KANTO 05 KANTO 04 KANTO 03 group zero 5th group (旧版) 4th group 3rd group修正 Second. Group ②第弐集! 88,88-88.88 Frst.Group 10第壱集1 88.88-88.88 輪番 停電 KANTO 02 KANTO 01 2nd Group 1st group

On March 14th, TEPCO started rolling-blackouts (Japanese: 輪番停電 or 計画停電) in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The same day, people began using the hashtag "#84MA" (pronounced Yashima) for the operation. On March 24th, a TEPCO power supply monitoring page was launched (shown below, left).[14] Several other websites and apps were subsequently created, including a rolling blackouts schedule announcement page[15] (shown below, middle) and an Operation Yashima iPhone app (shown below, right).[16]

輪番停電計画関連情報 電力使用状況 UNOFFICIAL NERV専用臨時電力供給監視装置集団 Nerv Power Supply Monitoring System IE 2000 140 60 1000 4000 3750 863 東京電力 sio 4 東京電力 100ミ 監視1 警報 警報 供給可能限界電力 現在供給中電力 Cument Power Supply 情報取得日時 日本標準時 2011-03-23 2011-03-23 12:00:00 JST 13:39:49 Information Retrieved Time Japan Standard Time Live 非 前年供給実績 4160kw ROTATING Last Yoar Supply Result 輪番停電圆圆 EE 壨岡 第壱 第弐|第参 第伍 集団 G4 集団 G5 G1G2 6.20-1000 9-20-1300 12-20-1600 15:20-1900 18:202200 13:50-1730 16:50-203 2011 G5 G1 G2 G3 G4 [Thu] G5 G1 2011 G4 G5 3/18 G1 G2G3 [Fri] 2011 3/19 [Sat] 2011 3/20 [Sun] G1 G2 G2 G3 G4 G5 G1 G2 G3 G3 G4 G5 G1 G2 G3 G4 1輪番停電計画 1-A OPERATION YASHIMA PLANNED BLACKOUT 輪番停電まで ソフトウェアは,ポ黩が逮行する,シマ作td※lx:おいて. ACTIVE TIME REMAINNG 000080 葟京toryフェブサイト をHUSon, es 以上 41 @ y:weot : .51 띠L.ぃn 式ブログにもこn s, a Googke Crisis Response 無印良品 | twitter (w 難民を助ける会

Several stores displayed Operation Yashima signs outside of their businesses in real life (shown below).

池袋店 イメージキテ CAUTION!! I AUTION!! IGAUTION!! CAUTION!! ICAUTION!! CAUTION!! ICAUTION!! シ 展マ 開作 中戦 による電力不足のa. EIR今 モードでERtffっておはす ご不便をおかけ致しますが、何卒ご 解とご協力をお亂軋上げます なお、緊急時にはスタッフの誘導に従い速やかにll難いただけますよう 、申し上げます 店長
Otaku Goods Shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
サイズアップ! 作戦概要 ヤシマ作戦ー RATION YASHIMAHAERSE 我々は、 窮地に立たされている 日本国を救う為 壮大な挑戦をしようとしている 東京電力の電源需要量のピークは 午後6時から午後7時である。 上記時間帯においては極力電力の 消費をさけなければならない。 その為、通常電力の30%カット を実施し、代わりにテンションを 60%アップする事とする - pl 非公式 遂行中 ヤシマ作戦 窀んちの得意料理 おれのやきとり ツ·もも串 惣菜7きおつまみ。 80円" 80円 つくね! ソ·ぽんじり串 ゃげん串 80円私 80円sase 靈兄貴のやきとん ツ·パラ串 80円 ·ハラミ串 豚トロ串 ·ネギタン塩率 80円"use. Bダッシュ77てく3あっZA。
Ramen Shop in Machida, Tokyo
藤 実行中! 中電 良槭. ネ SHARP が循く
Book Store in Kichijoji, Tokyo

The peak of this campaign was short about 3 weeks in actually since the rolling blackouts was cancelled after March 28 and then it ended in April 8th. Rolling blackouts planned in that summer season was also avoided by various efforts. Its not a small impact brought the 5th rank in the Japanese internet buzzword contest to "Operation Yashima" in December of that year.[17]

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