Pokémon Gold and Silver Beta Sprites Leak

Pokémon Gold and Silver Beta Sprites Leak

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Pokémon Gold and Silver Beta Sprites Leak refers to a leak of several unused potential Pokémon from the second generation games of the series, Gold and Silver. The leak included scrapped new Pokémon, unused evolutionary forms, and original concepts for Pokémon that would be changed for the official release. After the leak, discussion of the unused sprites spread online, particularly in the Pokémon fandom, with some of the sprites appearing in fan art.


On May 31st, 2018, The Cutting Room Floor[1] posted about uncovering prototype files of Pokémon Gold and Silver. In addition to the leaked sprites, the files included removed or altered moves, maps, animations, and trainers. User ERAsaur posted analysis of the findings that day.[2] The sprites would gain the most media attention, as publications focused on the unused Pokémon, notably the different starters and their evolutions (examples shown below).

Fire starter, base stage; missing evolution data Fire starter, stage 1; evolves at level 32 ホノオグマ honooguma 炎(honoo) fire,熊 (kuma) bear Fire 155 ボルベア borubeaa Fire Volcano, bear 156 Fire starter, stage 2 Water starter, base stage; missing evolution data Water starter, stage 1; evolves at level 32 ダイナベ.7 dainabea Fire Dynamite, bear 157 クルス kurusu Water Cruz, cruise? 158 アクア Water Aqua 159 akua Water starter, stage 2 アクエリア Water Aquarius 160 akueria


The day of the leaks, Kotaku[3] and Game Revolution,[4] reported on the findings. The following day, US Gamer[5] singled out ten of the unused Pokémon sprites, including a "satanic" Giraffarig and its unused pre-evolution, a cut Meowth pre-evolution (fan art shown below, left), a beta Pichu (fan art shown below, right), a Ditto evolution which was triggered with a Metal Coat item, and a lion-like Porygon 2. As of June 4th, 2018, The Cutting Room Floor team is working on translating all the files they uncovered.

Fan Reactions

Fan reaction to the unused sprites was strong, as social media users both joked and voiced their appreciation for the characters. Twitter user @MrClemps joked that the unused Ditto evolution sprite looked like a "giant screaming condom" (shown below, left). User @sanigo_ used the Reaction Guys to make a point about how much more exciting the news was than the announcement of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee (shown below, right).

Follow Clemps @MrClemps Sad they removed the SCREAMING CONDOM Pokemon from the Gold/Silver Beta 3:20 PM -31 May 2018 @sanigo Follow all my friends are like Let's RP RP November 16, 2018

Fan Art was also popular in the Pokémon community, particularly on Twitter and Tumblr. User @Grind3h posted fan art of some of the sprites, gaining over 2,600 retweets (shown below, left). Tumblr user pinkgermy posted fan art of the cat Pokémon, gaining over 3,500 notes (shown below, right). The fan reactions were covered by Kotaku Australia.[6]

Additionally, 4chan users noticed that the scrapped version of Politoed bore striking resemblance to the popular Fakémon Tentaquil (shown below).

EB, 314 448, smearglejppl nonymou022/10Th 122 34 No 447060 ITT, A CHALLENGE: draw your favarite pokeman without looking at any kind of reference pic reliahed No.447223 734 608,38837 PE orry its sht ts a teetaquil Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)23:03 No.448318 448268 its a tentaquil 8 YEARS LATER Spaceworld 97 GS Demo drops, reveals all kinds of Salver Version POCKET MONSTERS content including scrapped monsters and 01997 GAME FREAK Inc beta sprites File 35 KB 640 584) IT ALL COMES TOGETHER Fla:tu g (347 KB 13312042) entaqul was real all along OH MY F--- to Tantaqui shitposter was an Inbardimensional vagabond who cama trom the timaine where tentaqul made it out of bata We memed a pokemon into oifficiality. This is unreal how dose he got Tentaquil shitposter was acually a leaker APOLOGISE Anonymous 05/31/1B(Thu)15 10 48 No 35741950 Fle: 143514520569Bina (23 KB, 225228) BASED TENTAQUILL ANON WAS AFUCKING TINE TRAVELSPACEMAN MENE MAGIC inbardimansional anon poats a shity atempt to draw his tavounite pokemon on ms paint Nobody racognizes t Furiously typas out its clearty a tentaqui Inbardimansional polica catches tha reality leak and bring him back File (169 KB. 1600x1600) all along Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)23:03 No.448318 448268 its a tentaquil

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