Feel Like a Sir

Feel Like a Sir

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"Feel Like a Sir", also known as "like a sir", is a catchphrase and rage comic character used to convey elegance, wealth and class. It is associated with Victorian styles like wearing a top hat, monocle or various types of mustaches, similar to characters portrayed in Verbose Memes image macros.


The earliest known instance using the character was posted by user "wberry" on Cuánto Cabrón on March 24th, 2011.[2] In the comic, a female friend compliments a boy's house to which he responds "no big deal" transforming into the "sir" character.

.Green..Me ha tocado hacer una trabajo con la tia buena de clase, Y Hola, hola! va a pasca, pasa! venir C casa!!! iQué casa tan bonita enes. No es para tanto... FEEL LIKE A SIR


The hacker group LulzSec, founded in early May of 2011, used a modified version of the rage comic character for their official logo with a glass of red wine added to the image. On June 10th, 2011, the first "like a sir" rage comic was submitted to Reddit[12] by user wofdih14 in which a pair of glasses are turned into an improvised monocle after being broken.

F---! my glasses are broken, and myIcan't see anything! and i dont have gf is waiting to go to get a coffee glue and i just have this threat! what can i do?? this tea is so delicious My Lady FEEL LIKE A SIR

The domain for the image database LikeASir.com[11] was registered on August 13th, 2011. The subreddit "/r/proper"[3] uses a Reddit alien dressed in a black suit, top hat and monocle for the site's banner image that looks very similar to the rage comic character. A similar face is also used on the image remix site Canvas. Additional derivatives have spread to deviantArt[4], Tumblr[5], Moustache FTW[6], Cuánto Cabrón[7], Memebase[8], and FunnyJunk.[9] A Facebook[10] fan page has 143,978 likes as of December 9th, 2011.

Notable Examples

Sean Sahs 2010 SAY! FEEL LIKE A TURTLE Like a Sir MEMEBASE.com A1 V Derpina symphony J) FEEL LIKE A SIR MEMEBASE.com LIKE SIR COM

Search Interest

Search queries for "feel like a sir" picked up in March of 2011, the same month the first rage comic was posted to Cuánto Cabrón, and reached their highest spike in June that year.

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