Workers swinging flexible floppy hammers

Floppy Hammer

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Floppy Hammers refers to a copypasta created from a 9GAG post showing workers using a flexible sledgehammer. The post asserts that the flexible hammers allow the workers to "swing with more kinetic energy." This inspired the copypasta "Use a floppy hammer to swing with more kinetic energy," which was spammed in comments on the site.


On December 3rd, 2018, a 9GAG post by an anonymous user showed a GIF of workers in an unidentified country using flexible sledgehammers. The post asserts that the flexible hammers allow for more "kinetic energy."[1] The post gained over 11,500 points (Imgur upload of GIF shown below). Of note, the top comment on the post claims that the flexible hammer is not for increased kinetic energy but to alleviate the stress on the hands one would feel with a solid hammer.

Human wisdom is infinite


The post spread elsewhere on the internet following its upload. It was posted to Reddit's /r/damnthatsinteresting and gained over 700 points.[2] On 9GAG, however, the phrase "floppy hammers allow for more kinetic energy began being spammed in comment threads.[3] This led to multiple posts on the site complaining about and riffing on the joke. Some popular examples include an It Doesn't Effect My Baby parody that gained over 110 points (shown below, left) and a Wheeze Comic parody that gained over 390 points (shown below, right).

No it doesn't affect my baby use floppy hammers or more kinetic energy 12 vears later well-urtten strvctvred, original joke. Workers using floppy hammers which allow then swing with more kinetic to ZE rgy

One of the most popular posts features Bob the Builder threatening users who spread the meme, gaining over 1,700 points (shown below).

When you see a floppy hammer comment under EVERY post. Nail you without floppy hammer 1,741 points 42 comments f FacebookPinterest Next Post first I nail this roof then I nail Degenerates like you on a cross

Various Examples

FLOPPY HAMMERS ARE JUST MACES THAT GOT A JOB IN CONSTRUCTION CHANGE MY MIND TRAP NO FLOPPY HAMMERS [TRAP CARD] when used, users can no longer use floppy hammers in the comment section 0が @2018 using hard hammers for nails using floppy hammers for nails using floppy hammers for more kinetic using floppy dick to nail with more kinetic -I DONT KNOW WHATTS FLOPPY HAMMERS JOKE AND AT THIS POINT UM TOO AFRAID TO ASK MEMEFULCON Giantfuckin FLOPPY HAMMERS WHY THE FUCK PEOPLE KEEP WRITING ABOUT FLOPPY HAMMERS ON COMMENTS

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