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Gardevoir (サーナイト, known as Sirnight in Japanese) is a third-generation Pokémon character originally introduced as a Psychic type creature in Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire and re-introduced as a Psychic / Fairy dual type with a mega evolution in Pokémon X / Y. Due to Gardevoir's conspicuous resemblance to a female humanoid, the character has gained an unusually large fan base online, mostly on 4chan's /vp/ (Pokémon), /v/ (Video Games) and /b/ (Random) boards.


Gardevoir, whose name is derived from a combination of the French words Garde ('guard') and voir ('see'), made its debut appearance as the 282nd official character in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire versions of Nintendo's video game series, which were released in Japan on November 21st, 2002 and elsewhere overseas between March and July 2003.

The Character

According to the canonical profile, Gardevoir is one of the Ralt's final two forms of evolution, the other being Gallade, that can be manifested after evolving into its second-level form Kirlia, and it is most notable for its ability to read the future and a heightened sense of concern for and loyalty towards its Pokémon trainer. In Pokemon X and Y, they introduced to mega evolutions for certain Pokemon that can gain a powerful final form of themselves in battle. Gardevoir is one of the certain Pokemon who can mega evolve to a Mega Gardevoir.

Upon detecting danger to the trainer, Gardevoir can unleash its psychic energy to protect him or her by distorting dimensions and creating a small black hole, and sometimes, even at the expense of its own life. While the Pokémon appears in the games as both male and female at a 1:1 spawning ratio, the character is often presumed to be of female gender due to its outer appearance.


Since its debut in the 2003 title Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire, Gardevoirhas received some mentions on video game review sites for its popularity among the fans, including IGN's profile articles for the Pokémon as featured in both of the paired titles, as well as GamesRadar and Screw Attack. On January 31st, 2004, Urban Dictionary user Gopi. D submitted the earliest known entry for "Gardevoir," humorously defined as a synonym for an "attractive woman."

In January 2006, user Renegade Zero submitted the earliest known Pokemon fanfiction featuring Gardevoir as a central character in a story titled "A Girl and her Gardevoir."[15] As of November 2014,[16] hosts more than 80 non-canonical stories featuring the Pokemon, while DeviantART[12] offers more than 16,000 instances of fan art illustrations tagged #gardevoir. In addition, hundreds of archived discussion threads and fan-made posts about Gardevoir can be found on 4chandata,[14] Reddit[10] and Tumblr.[13]

Gardevoir Copypasta

Gardevoir is literally one of the most fuckable pokemon there are, you're just mad because you're in denial. Let's start with fact now, Gardevoir is 5'3", this is not only the perfect height, but it means they can also have enough height to be able to do anything you want. While being 5'3", Gardevoir is also only 103LBs, so, they're lite enough to pick up and have an all around good time. So, these are facts, not only this, but Gardevoir, LITERALLY, does not feel the pull of gravity, while also distorting dimensions. So, not only does this mean that Gardevoir can do anything they want ignoring gravity, but they are literally capable of making a pocket dimension in which yall can fuck in. These are all facts. Continuing with these facts, Gardevoir is telepathic and feels a strong emotion connection to their trainer, so, they will know before you that you're horny, she literally has it locked down and in the know before you're even aware of it, this only means that they are are able to serve their trainer in every way possible. So, these are just the facts on Gardevoir, but let's go even deeper so I can prove to you how Gardevoir is literally the most fuckable pokemon there is: Gardevoir can learn double team, so, now you get to fuck two of them. Gardevoir can learn charm, so, you thought you were horny before, but now it's compounded on itself. Finally, Gardevoir can learn mean look, combining this with double team, means not only do you get a tsundere on your dick, but also a submissive one. It's the best of both worlds. Gardevoir is literally the most fuckable pokemon there is and all of these are facts that yall are too afraid to realize.

Gardevoir Use Flash

Gardevoir Use Flash is a mix of image macros and fanart that involves Gardevoir using the HM skill Flash. The results always shows Gardevoir sexually flashing her breasts or even her full body with a caption saying "It's super effective!".

Gardevoir Used Attract

Gardevoir Used Attract is another of a mixed of image macros and fanart that involves Gardevoir using the skill Attract. It's mostly about Gardevoir being lusty with a caption that says "It's super effective!".

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