He's My Favorite!

He's My Favorite!

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He's My Favorite! is a Halloween-themed exploitable webcomic illustrating a child trick or treating in a costume. While the original comic features an innocent dialogue between the treat giver and the trick-or-treater, it was soon turned into a fodder for parodies featuring other fan-favorite characters from popular video games and cartoons.


While the original thread was not archived, the comic was first posted to 4chan's /v/ (video game) board circa October 31st, 2010. This version features a child dressed as the Super Mario Brothers character, Luigi who says "Boing!" on exiting. The comic and a template was reposted to several other 4chan boards including /co/ (comic books) on the same day.[1] The next day, two additional threads[2][3] were archived from /v/.

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Since an easily exploitable template was posted to several other 4chan boards, many derivatives of the original have appeared, often poking fun at 4chan users or stereotypes about the board in general. The phrase "He's my favorite" also evolved into other phrases, depending on the subject matter of the comic.

On Reddit

The original comic featuring the Luigi costume was re-posted to the gaming sub-Reddit[4] on October 24th, 2011 with 374 points and over 15,000 total votes. A Reddit themed derivative[5] was shared on October 25th, 2011, earning 467 points.

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Notable Examples

The derivative comics feature various characters from video games and cartoon series; click through to view the 6-pane strips in full length.

Who ar you? octol WH0? Exuctv You FAVORITE heree Parents? Are yo The SPY none engineer SAP
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