Hey Peebrain, You Teleport?

Hey Peebrain, You Teleport?

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Hey Peebrain, You Teleport? was an alternate reality game on Tumblr in which what appeared to be a porn bot with the username sexygirlmax2019 would message users with the phrase "Hey peebrain, you teleport?" However, when clicking on the link submitted by the supposed bot, users would be taken to cryptic blogs relating a story about a guardian angel, Max, trying to reconnect with its charge, Anita.


In mid-late June, 2018, Tumblr users began reporting strange messages from what appeared to be a Tumblr porn bot named sexygirlmax2019. On June 20th, users fuck-ler[1] and kramergate[2] both gained tens of thousands of notes posting screenshots of their interactions with the account (shown below).

femoids +sexygirlmax2019... sexygirlmax2019 Not following each other Today at 2:16 PM sexygirlmax2019 Hey peebrain -you teleport? ויי Verizon LTE 10:46 AM kramergate+sexygirlmax2019.. sexygirlmax2019 Not following each other Today at 10:35 AM sexygirlmax2019 Hi pea for brains.... can you teleport? ·Active in the last 2 hours Look fishy? Mark as spam GIFYour message here


Users soon noticed something made sexygirlmax2019 different than typical porn spam bots. The link the bot gave to users did not lead to a stereotypical porn spam site but rather a cryptic site on neocities.org[3] with the heading "h.u.r.l." (shown below). Links on this site led to cryptic pictures and odd texts reading things like "I'm so sick."

h.u.r.l A simple army roams the plains... A lover cries out to my name.. When Heaven falls and Kingdom come.. All know LIMBO will be done... Click here to instantly transport Your graphics card does not seern to support Find out how to get t - This camera is temporarily unavailable. 2EarthCam July 16, 2018 3:51 pm 1,083 LIkes 363,221 Views ARCHIVES LIVE "See me here.," Can anyone hear me? I'm so sick... Broadcasting anita. Can you see her? I'm so sick... I can't let you see her anymore. Anita's room is painted pink and is always full of light."

Furthermore, users who engaged with the bot experienced bizarre chats. User dhlp posted their interaction on June 21st[4] (shown below, left). Imgur user Oscar219Tyler also posted interactions they'd had with the bot on the same day (shown below, middle). sexygirlmax2019's blog,[4] now deleted, featured bizarre posts as well (shown below, right).

dhp123 dhlp123 seraphim cherubim thrones LIMBO sexygirlmax2019 So can you come? I'm trapped I'm trapped べ} up . .111 91%O 11:55 AM sexygirlmax2019 sexygirlmax2019 Great, Now you listen up...come to me ok? come to me ok? oscar219tyler I dont know where you are oscar219tyler Do you need help? oscar21tyler All of your links are broken what is this? sexygirlmax2019 I'm in limbo and I dont have a single piece of cloth to lay on my body, Meet me GIF Say your thing Click below to instantly transport.. Her room should not be dark. She is in danger Click below to instantly transport... 322 notes Interrupted sexies 167 notes Please be patient Please sexies be patient I need help 1,294 notes Just help me out a little... I'm starving Click below to instantly be away... https://max2019.neocities.org/ 87 notes

The strangeness of the blog led to a community of Tumblr and Reddit users investigating the story. A subreddit, /r/sexygirlmax2019,[5] was created and gained 500 subscribers. There, it was discovered that an update to the neocities cite led to a Tumblr page called lovely5500,[6] which was supposedly run by a 15 year-old girl named Anita who was sick. This was expressed through text posts which appeared with bizarre flourishes (examples shown below).

to answer some questiohs!!! yes im ok no im i dont know what the sexy max thing is i dont knwò why my mom wont take me to the doctor im trying to figure out why my text is messing up i like angels not better yet 3 weeks ago 192 notes #anita.txt #please stop messaging me so muhch i want to look at this website it seems like it wants to tell me somethng 3 weeks ago 319 notes 3 weeks ago 182 notes #anita.txt thanks everyon for your kind words i wasntola to go ariwbere so7hayent 3 weeks ago . 203 notes #anita.txt

A third blog called sceneteenz,[7] since deleted, was involved in the ARG, providing supplemental information to make the story clear. This blog clarified that "Max" was Anita's guardian angel, and was separated from her due to an antagonistic organization called H.U.R.L., which stood for Hierarchy of Universal Resource Locators. The lore essentially laid out that contemporary angels work in the form of online personalities and bots. The story ended with Max being reunited with Anita, and sceneteenz was "destroyed" by H.U.R.L. for revealing too much information. This was recapped in an /r/OutOfTheLoop[8] post some weeks after the story had concluded.

hi everyone. quick update. this has all been very weird to me because i dont usually share stuff like this online they're both back! im so happy to have max again. i still feel better. i feel like we've gotten over a bump? thank you so much everybody. :) 2 weeks ago 1,107 notes #anita.txt


On Tumblr, the story generated a small fandom which took the form of fan art and memes. One of the most popular examples of the latter was posted by chickenfarmersan, gaining over 25,000 notes (shown below, left). User amicablytransitory posted a Pepe Silvia parody about the ARG, gaining over 500 notes (shown below, right).

2014: touch my butt and buy me pizza 2015: play with my hair and call me baby girl 2016: vape in my p---- and call me your meme slut 2017: choke me and hit me with your car 2018: hey peebrain -you teleport? CORRUPTED ANGEL GIFS AT 3 AM ALL OF TUMBLR

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