Hiding From Bullies meme / bullies hiding daijoubuh webcomic.

Hiding From Bullies

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Hiding From Bullies refers to an exploitable image macro template created by webcomic artist dai.joubuhimself. In the comic, a person attempts to show something to a group of bullies and gets beat up. The following panels show people ready to present similar things, evidently scared that they'll also get beat up. In the exploitable meme variations, the people and the objects they are showing to the bullies are given different labels via object labeling.


On June 16th, 2020, webcomic artist dai.joubuhimself posted a comic in which a person labeled Rockstar Games is beaten up by bullies for attempting to show off a rerelease of Grand Theft Auto 5. Hiding behind a wall is a person labeled Bethesda worried they'll receive similar treatment for showing off Skyrim again. Next to him is an even more worried-looking person labeled EA holding a copy of FIFA. The comic gained over 130 likes on Instagram[1] in two years (shown below).

grand theft. BUCURES 3.0 R₁ SATRIM 17 D BETH KYRIM BETHESDA BAME STUDOS daijoubuhimself 2020


On June 18th, 2020, the picture was reposted to /r/pcmasterrace[2] by user esberat, where it gained over 40,000 points in roughly two years. Edits began appearing on Reddit shortly after. For example, on July 29th, Redditor JamesReverson posted an edit to /r/memes[3] that gained over 7,900 points in two years (shown below, left). On August 1st, a now-deleted Reddit account posted a wholesome edit to /r/wholesomememes,[4] gaining over 5,100 points in two years.

reposters Reddit redditors using emojis Reddit redditors using emojis daijoubuhimself 2020 redditors with an opinion Depression Self Self Anxiety doubt doubt daijoubuhimself 2020

On August 17th, 2021, dai.joubuhimself posted a template of their comic.[5] On October 16th, Redditor GeneralSalazar9 posted an example in /r/dankmemes[6] that gained over 7,700 points in roughly eight months (shown below, left). On May 23rd, 2022, Redditor Comfortable_ad3150 posted a Smash variation to /r/smashbrosultimate,[7] gaining over 50 points in 12 hours (shown below, right).

German kid unda jouturhimeall 2020 pa Middle Eastern kid Nazi Do you hate Jews? German kid Middle Eastern kid Russian kid ai.joubu Me wanting Geno in smash This entire fanbase ok this might be made with mematic but who gives a crap رد Rayman fans This entire fanbase Waluigi fans dai.joubu Rayman fans dai.jouou

Various Examples

Star Trek daijoubuhimself 2020 31 D Stargate 4 Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Trek Stargate Battle Star Galatica 4 Twitter Wall StreetBets Billionaire Investors Billionaire Investors Reddit Amber Heard Twitter Wall StreetBets Billionaire Investors Amber Heard daijoubuhimself 2020 Reddit Nestlé Joe Biden faltingup Memers some stairs Gerald Ford who fell down an entire stair case Fdr who could barely walk E dai ioubuhimself 2020 Alabama having a history have i----- made with mematic Alaska DE The internet Vajabama Alaska daijoubuhimself 2020 Florida being the most statistically hey, i produce rhymes! BROS but u gonna surpass pewds SONY W ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION set india: 93 million WWE: 72 million 2080ti XBOX Series X RTX 3070 RTX 3090 2080ti XBOX Series X RTX 3080 Playstation 5


{width:425px}21 dai.joubu dai.joubu daijoubuhimself / daijoubuhimself / itsdaijoubuhimself 4 dai.joubu daijou dai.joubu 2021

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