Historical Battle Shitposts / Decisive Victory meme example depicting a caption about tang china eating civilians during a war.

Historical Battle Shitposts / Decisive Victory

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Historical Battle Shitposts, also known as Decisive Victory, refers to a series of history memes that involve humorously presenting historic battles or events or biographies of historic figures in a video or image format, often by combining lines from their Wikipedia articles and humorous imagery.


On December 11th, 2016, in a discussion on 4chan's /his/ board, an anonymous user posted[1] a screenshot of Wikipedia's information box for the Battle of Siuyang, a 757 AD siege battle between the Chinese Tang and Yan dynasties for the city of Siuyang during which the besieged Tang forces cannibalized over 20,000 civilians (shown below, left). In the same thread, an anonymous user replied[2] with a reaction image reading "20,000-30,000 civilians were eaten, Decisive Tang strategic victory" (shown below, right).

Battle of Suiyang Part of the An Shi Rebellion Suiyang was in modern day Shanggiu, Henan Date 757 AD Location Suiyang, Xingyang Result Yan Pyrrhic victory. Belligerents Tang Dynasty Yan Dynasty Commanders and leaders Zhang Xun, Nan Jiyun, Xu Li Tingwang, Yang Yuan Chaozong, Yin Ziqi Strength 150,000 10,000 Casualties and losses 9,600 soldier deaths 60,000 soldier deaths 20,000-30,000 civilians were eaten Follows the Battle of Yonggiu 20,000-30,000 civilians were eaten Decisive Tang strategic victory


In the following years, the image was reposted on /his/[3] and other boards,[4] later spreading to Reddit,[5] Facebook[6] and other sites. The trend initially saw development in the form of sharing Wikipedia articles of unusual battles, often accompanied by reaction images. For example, prior to December 23rd, 2016, Tumblr[7] user russdom posted a screenshot of the Wikipedia article for the 1998 Sokcho submarine incident (shown below, left).

When you're THIS bad russdom Part of Korean Conflict 22 June 1998 offshore of Sokcho, Gangwon- do South Korean victory Date Location Result Belligerents :Republic of Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea Strength 1 fishing net 1 submarine 9 personnel Casualties and losses 1 fishing net 1 submarine captured 9 dead Date AD 60 or 61 Location Watling Street Result Decisive Roman victory · End of Boudica's revolt Roman rule secured Belligerents Roman Empire Iceni, Trinovantes, and other British peoples Commanders and leaders Gaius Suetonius Boudica Paulinus Strength 10,000 230,0002) Casualties and losses 400 dead 80,000 dead

Prior to June 16th, 2020, an unknown user created the earliest known video shitpost based on a Wikipedia article about a historic battle, a video about the bombing of Tokyo that combined lines from the Wikipedia article with both humorous and informative imagery. On June 16th, 2020, Instagram[8] page unibrowwingism9kmk2 reposted the video (shown below), with more reposts of the video made between 2020 and 2021.

On December 12th, 2021, YouTuber[9] MasterofRoflness posted a similar video edit about the Battle of Siuyang, which received over 1 million views in four months (shown below).

In the following months, MasterofRoflness uploaded multiple Historic Battle Shitposts to YouTube, including videos about historic battles and historic figures.

Additionally, image macros of historic figures combined with the snowclone "Decisive X victory" saw use online as reaction images.

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