"How Old Is" Google Searches

"How Old Is" Google Searches

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How Old Is…? refers to an exploitable image in which a crying man Googles how old a person is. He then Googles the life expectancy of something tangentially related to the person in his first search, usually a pun on their name, which informs him that the person he first Googled is nearing the end of their life expectancy, which makes him cry harder.


On February 2nd, 2017, Redditor kkkid69420[1] posted a collage showing a Google search of the life expectancy of Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog with the crying black man (shown below). The post reached over 5,400 points (98% upvote ratio) as of December 2020.

uckles the echidnaw long do echidnas how long do echidnas live ALL IMAGESSHOPPING NEWSVIDE ALL IMAGES NEWS VIDEOS MAPS Echidna / Lifespan 16 years 16 years old Q when is knucklos birthday ALL SHOPPING NEWS IMAG February 2nd


On July 15th, 2018, Redditor WeebsShouldBeBanishe[2] posted a variation regarding the Platelet characters from the Cells at Work! anime to /r/animemes, gaining over 3,000 points (99% upvote ratio) in less than a week (shown below).

Synonyms: Cells At Work Japanese:はたらく細胞 The average life span of circulating platelets is 8 to 9 days Information Type: TV Episodes: Unknown Status: Currently Airing Aired: Jul 8, 2018 to?

On July 21st, 2018, Redditor PedroPablito[3] posted the original version to /r/me_irl, using the Google searches "How old is The Rock?", which shows he's 46 years old, and "How long do rocks live?", which shows "45-46 years." The post gained over 11,000 points (95% upvote ratio) on the subreddit in just two days (shown below).

Gooale how old is the rock All Images News Videos Shopping More About 179,000,000 results (0.77 seconds) Dwayne Johnson Age Settings Tools 46 years May 2, 1972 Gooale how long do rocks live All Images News Videos Shopping More Settings Tools About 71,500,000 results (0.71 seconds) Rock /Lifespan Rocks: 45- 46 years Lower classifications and overview

The post was reposted to other areas over the course of the day, helping it gain popularity. It was tweeted by @FreeMemesKids,[4] gaining over 51,000 retweets and 121,000 likes in two days. It was also posted to /r/dankmemes[5] where it gained over 6,800 points (95% upvoted) in the same time period. The format became very popular on /r/dankmemes over the following days, as dozens of users uploaded examples. Some popular examples include a meta version referencing the life cycles of memes,[6] gaining over 10,000 points (shown below, left). A post about rapper Lil Pump[7] which inverted the joke gained over 22,000 points (shown below, right).

Google Q How old is the "how old is" meme ALL IMAGES SHOPPING NEWS How oid is meme / Age 3 days July 19, 2018 Google how long domemesin 2018 live ALL NEWS IMAGES VIDEOS M Memes Lifespan 2-5 days lil pump age ALL IMAGES VIDEOS NEWS MAPS ehumanity.gone26 Lil Pump Age 17 years August 17, 2000 life expectancy of pumps ALL IMAGES VIDEOS NEWS MAPS A typical well pump life expectancy is about 18 years in the U.S. and Canada

Other popular examples from elsewhere include a Twitter post by @Iam_ChrisB[8] referencing Eminem that gained over 120 retweets (shown below, left) and a /r/me_irl post[9] referencing the rapper Pitbull that gained over 2,800 points (shown below, right).

Google Q how old is eminem ALL IMAGES SHOPPING NEWSs Eminem Age 45 years October 17, 1972 Google a how long do m&ms live ALL NEWS IMAGES VIDEOS M m&m's/ Lifespan 44 46 years Google how old is pitbull NEWS SHOPPING VIDEOS ALL IMAGESNEWS Pitbull Age About 37 years January 1981 KIN Google how old do pit bulls live ALL IMAGES SHOPPING NEWS VIDEOs American Pit Bull Terrier / Lifespan About 37 years

Various Examples

Google how old is lil pump ALL IMAGES NEWS SHOPPING VIDEOs Lil Pump Age 17 years Google human life expectancy ALL NEWS IMAGES VIDEOS MAPS Human Lifespar 79 years Google aHow old is the zebra from Madagascar , ALL IMAGES SHOPPING NEWS Marty the zebra/ Age 10 years Google Goog lifespan 8t Zebras ALL İMAGES s@reppING 3 teaspBons Google barry bee benson age ALL IMAGES SHOPPING NEWS Barry's Age 151 days old Google Q bees lifespan ALL NEWS IMAGES VIDEOS M BEE Lifesparn Western honey bee: 122 - 152 days Early bumblebee: 28 days how old is donkey? Settings Tools All Images Videos News Shopping More About 76,900,000 results(0.64 seconds) Donkey Age 17 years First seen in Shrek (2001) Search subject might be older god life expectancy Settings Tools All Images News Videos Shopping More About 8,640,000 results (0.41 seconds) God/Age years Born: 13.8 Billion Years Ago (Estimate) megan fox age ALL IMAGES NEWS VIDEOS MAPS SHOPPING BOOKS FLIGHTS SEARCH TOOLS Megan Fox / Age 32 years May 16, 1986 lifespan of a fox ALL NEWS SHOPPING IMAGES VIDEOS MAPS BOOKS FLIGHTS SEARCH TOOLS Vulpini Lifespan Red fox: 2-5 years

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