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Scumbag Brain

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Scumbag Brain is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photo of a brain that is sometimes seen wearing the Scumbag Steve hat, with captions that describe self-conflicting psychological experiences like sudden realizations, awkward dreams and persistent memories. The situations presented are similar to Oh God Why rage comics.


The earliest known Scumbag Brain image macro was posted to the suicide support r/suicidewatch subreddit in a thread titled "Fucking Scumbag Brain"[1] by Redditor Jackist on March 24th, 2011, received only 198 upvotes prior to being archived.


Compilations of the series were posted to the humor blog Pleated Jeans[8] on July 21st, 2011 and to the viral content site BuzzFeed[7] on August 9th, 2011. On October 10th, 2011, the web comic site The Oatmeal[9] published a comic titled "If my brain were an imaginary friend" that featured an annoying brain that is able to remember complex information from several years ago, but cannot remember where it put a set of car keys. A single-topic blog,[10] was created in March 2012. The same month a series of instances was featured on PopHangover.[12]

The Oatmeal http// Your password for that website is POOPickle! 3#Whiskers4# 00dIeTrucK Caribou ards The file you're looking for is located in home/0atmeal/Documents/stuff/code/knucklehair/u2_2/app/components shinyHair_new_newer_neuwest_neuwest2_final_FINAL2_NO_SERIOUSLY_LATEST_UERSION.CsS And the snippet of code you want is about 6oo lines down buried inside a CSS class you wrote while you were still in high school The website you're looking for had a blue nav bar and a bright orange logo. It was called Cyborg Goat Love' or something like that. you read it once like a years aqo Try Googling around for words like 'Skynet Farm Animals.' It should pop right up The car keys which you had in your hands five minutes ago? Beats the shit out of me

Additional derivatives can be found on Memebase[5], Tumblr[4] and Reddit[11], where there are more than 3800 instances. A Memegenerator[3] page has received 280 submissions, the Quickmeme[2] page has received more than 20,000 submissions and a Facebook[6] fan page has accumulated 203 likes as of May 2012.

Notable Examples

Final Dreamabout being in love with them Wakes you upatnight Hey letsgooveral the terible hings youtve ever done CREATE DREAM THAT PISSESYOU OFF KNOWSITSFAKE STILLPISSED THE BRAINIS THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN YOU HAVE ACCORDING TOTHE BRAIN TOO AFRAIDTOMAKEA MOVEONA GIRL BERATES YOU AFTERWARDS FOR NOT DOING UT Remember that stupid thing you did? How about we remember it over and over examining all the reasons you're a moron until you hate yourself REMEMBERS THE FACE GOOD LUCKWITH THE NAME alking to someone withaspeech impediment Makesyouaccidentallyimitate them Lookslike you're about toclimax

Search Interest

Search queries for "scumbag brain" began rising in July of 2011, the same month the Quickmeme page was created.

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