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#IfIWereABoy is a hashtag sign holding in which women reveal things they would do if they were of the male gender. Introduced by the pop culture blog Elite Daily in August 2014, what began as a discussion of gender roles was subsequently derailed into a campaign against male circumcision.


On August 5th, 2014, Elite Daily[1] published an article titled "#IfIWereABoy: 12 Women Share What They’d Do Differently If They Were Treated The Same As Men," which highlighted photographs of twelve staff members holding signs containing messages describing what they would do if they were men (shown below).

If I were a boy appreciate eypress her emotion qrl's ability to A WOMAN TO Sile." wauldn t Assume that ou a drink means ou re Coming home with me wouldn't mistake a woman's kindness for weakness # IF I WERE A BOY D STOP POSTING DEGRADING MEMES 09 ABOUT FEMALES ON SOCIAL MEDIA 'd never USe the phrase "Like a air as an insul #1F I WERE A Pol I'd be able to mak e choices ahout m 0Wn Po 'd be courteous ond emember to put te Seat doun d treat airls as humavis that should be respccted la educate mysel albout feminism #lfl Were A Boy d take the time to have a conve rsa tion 工would keep m hands to nyaelf


On August 6th, 2014, the news site News.com.au[11] published an article about the hashtag, which highlighted the Elite Daily photographs. On August 8th, the women's interest blog Hello Giggles[3] published an article about the hashtag campaign. As of August 14th, there are over 24,400 photos submitted to Instagram under the tag "#ifiwereaboy."

Anti-Circumcision Campaign

On August 7th, 2014, the Forced Circumcision is a Human Rights Violation Facebook[6] page posted a photoshopped version of an #IfIWereABoy photo with superimposed photos of male babies being circumcised (shown below).

Forced Circumcts is a Human Riht m oigaiäkrittig Forced Circumcision is a Human Rights Violation August 7 From http://elitedaily.com/women/ifiwereaboy-12 women-share-theyd-differently-mans-per spective/695478/ She apparently didn't realize the enormous irony present in her sign. Like Comment Share 181 people like this. Top Comments E 65 shares Cynthia Maloney Here's mine! #IFIWEPE AB01 I'd be able to make choices about my own pod OWYn GENTALS ONSENT, RESIST or ESCAPE 12 ou sure about that? Write a comment..

The post subsequently inspired anti-circumcision activist Cynthia Maloney to create a Facebook[7] event page titled "If I were a BOY (intactivist event)," which invited people to share photos of themselves holding signs speaking out against forced circumcision. Facebook users began posting photos to the page of themselves holding #IfIWereABoy signs condemning circumcision as a form of genital mutilation (shown below).

If I uas born o bou in 198a, my parents would have SLICED into m my brother. able to conseht or resist enitals like they did I would not haue been my attackers IN 18S, HY PARENTS WOULD HANE CONSENTED To HAVE THE MoST SENSITIVE PART O MY GENITALS SICED fSo ID HATCH HN BROTHER, NOT AND KNOWING THAT THE TORESN NERVES,PND 2000 NERNE ENDINGS If I werea been ORCED Ce rwerealbo rcu or Mu parents would have thrown a pa celebrate m Oenital mutilation. it would b leaal for nu off a piece of my ye als Bur Im nok, s was Spaveà +he Pain #if i WERE A Boy MU PARENTS Woulb HAVE THOUGHT THEV WERE DOING WHAT WAS BE ST FOR ME By PALING A TO LEGAy RÍP, CRUSH, STRAPPED DON ONTD A CIRCUm STRAINT1 DEFENSELESS, SCREAMiNG VoMIT/SALiVA, JUST Like most or THE OTHER BABY BONS WHo WERE BoRN iN 19s. Lucky FOR ME WAS BORN A GiRL my GENITALS RE INTACT.

On August 9th, a Facebook[8] page titled "If I Were a Boy – Inactivist Community" was created for users to submit addition photos to the anti-circumcision campaign. On August 13th, an article about the hijacked hashtag was submitted to the /r/mensrights[10] subreddit, where it gained over 780 votes (93% upvoted) in the first 24 hours.


On August 11th, the Super Ruchacz Facebook[4] page uploaded a gallery of photographs featuring men holding signs describing what they would do if they "were a girl" (shown below). The same day, The Huffington Post[9] highlighted several of the photos in an article titled "IfIWereABoy Feminist Campaign Gets Ambushed by Stupidity."

If I were a boy I'd appreciate a- Girls ability to eypress her emotions # If I Were A Girl I'd appreciate a men's abiu,to not fussing oken fingernail about trifles #which Dress Choose www.suρerruchacz.pl #It l Mere A Girl.ac Iwouldn't assume that having a sex-you must buy # Headache me this dress #BloJeb | Wouldn assumethat buuina you a drink means 40 u 're comng h0ml with me www.suρerruchacz.pl Were a 'd be courteous and emember to put the seat douwn #I'm Almost Ready I'd thinking of others and remember not spending #5minutes only half a day in a bathroom www.suρerruchacz.pl

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