John Lennon The Absolute Madman

John Lennon The Absolute Madman

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John Lennon The Absolute Madman is an image fad featuring a photograph of The Beatles lead singer John Lennon striding in a goofy manner on the street with his wife Yoko Ono, which has often been paired with the phrase “The Absolute Madman” on 4chan's music board /mu/.


While the authorship of the photograph remains unknown, the image has been circulating online for many years, including a Reddit post submitted to /r/beatles[4] on April 30th, 2014. That same day, the image was also submitted to /r/photoshopbattles.[5] On February 15th, 2015, the image became associated with the phrase "absolute madman" in a thread about rare images of recording artists on 4chan's /mu/ (music) board.[1] Since then, the image has been referred to as "John Lennon the Absolute Madman." A post from September 24th[6] pointed out the existence of an unreleased Beatles song titled "Madman".

■ Anonymous Sun Feb 15 11:36:52 2015 No. 53611962 >>53609940 >so i told john to do a silly walk he actually did it the absolute madman hahaha


On September 11th and September 13th, 2015, two threads featuring the image of Lennon doing the walk (one which titled the image John "The Absolute Madman" Lennon) were posted on /mu/[2][3], with multiple of the replies photoshopping the image into different variations before they were archived. on the day of the first thread a video featuring a jumpscare of Lennon walking from a distance to the screen was posted titled "Rare John"(shown below left). In the thread posted on September 13th, a video was posted by youtube user Hal9000ize, compiling all the Lennon images (shown below right).

Warning: video on the left contains a jumpscare

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