Just Like in an Ero Doujin!

Just Like in an Ero Doujin!

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Just You Like Intend in an R--- EroMe, Doujin Right? aber to WHAT? You...


"Just Like in an Ero Doujin!" or "Stop! You Intend to Rape Me, Right? Just Like in an Ero Doujin!" (Japanese: やめて! 私に乱暴する気でしょう? エロ同人みたいに!, Yamete! Watashi ni Ranbou Suruki Deshou? Ero Doujin Mitaini!), usually called "Just Like in an Ero Doujin" (エロ同人みたいに, Ero Doujin Mitaini) for short, is a catchphrase in parody photo collages or illustrations on the Japanese web. This metafictional phrase used by creators is a sort of a couplet to viewers side's catchphrase I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going” in the English-speking web.


The original phrase was coined in "Ptolemy Private Academy ~ The Burning "Tntervention" Transfer Student: the Second Season" (私立トレミー学園 炎のKAINYU転校生 セカンドシーズン, Shiritsu Toremy Gakuen Honoo no Kainyu Tenkousei Second Season), a non-adult gag doujin comic for one of the incarnations in Gundam franchise Mobile Suit Gundam00.[1] It was released by a doujin circle OMEGA2-D at Comiket75 in December 2008.

In the story, Marina Ismail[2], known as the "poverty princess" among fans, uttered this phrase when she was arrested by cultivating potatos in a public park and taken away to an interrogation room. This scene itself is also a parody for the original episode in the anime.

やめて… 私に乱暴する気 でしょう? エロ同人 しねーよ とっとと 入れ!


Marina: Stop… You intend to rape me, right? (やめて… 私に乱暴する気でしょう?)
Marina: Just like an ero doujin. (エロ同人みたいに)
Guard: No way. Move your ass! (しねーよ とっとと入れ!)


In the early days, this metafictional remark had been just an in-joke among some female Gundam Otakus due to the popularity of the doujin circle among them. Then, it became to be used in photo collages as a punch line which gave a surrealistic lulz to pictures in the middle of 2010. One of the well known instances in the earliest days is this Rei Miyamoto's version that utilizes a panel from Japanese comic Highschool of The Dead[3] (Shown below). Pixiv Encyclopedia[4] says the style of this parody, repeating "Just Like an Ero Doujin" twice, was established by this collaged photo.

やめて ! 私に乱暴する気 でしょう? 工口同人 みたいに |HD同人みたいに .

Those collaged photos were mainly posted to Futaba Channel (2chan) or linked to 2channel. And blogs summarizing threads for those collaged photos in each forums began spreading the manner of this parody in the late of that year. Besides, an illustration for Yayoi Kise from the Japanese TV anime series Smile PreCure! introduced this catchphrase into parody illustrations in illustrators communities pixiv[5] and Nico Nico Seiga[6] in early 2012. It was drawn by the Japanese semi-professional illustrator Yu Matsushita who is also known as the creator of Glasses Sayaka.

やめて! 私に乱暴する つもりでしょう? 一 エロ同人 みたいに! エロ同人みたいに!

Notable Examples

Stop! You Intend to R--- Me Right? Just Like in an Ero Doujinl Just Like in an Ero Doujin! You Intend S...Stop! ape Me, Right? Just Just Like in an Ero n an Ero Doujin! Doujin! Stop You Intend to Beat Me, Right? Just Like Troopa! Just Like Troopa!
You Intend 0 Stop... Me, Right? Just in an Ero Doujin You Intend to R--- Me, Right? Stop! Just Like in an Ero Doujin! Stop You Intend to R--- Me, Right? Just Like in an Ero Doujin! Just Like in an Ero Doujin!

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