I Came With The Force Of A Thousand Suns

I Came With The Force Of A Thousand Suns

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"I came with the force of a thousand suns" is a funny catchphrase stemming from the fan translation of a pornographic manga that became popular as the "X with the force of a thousand suns" snowclone illustrating hyperbolic statements and marking an emphasis on a token action, in a way similar to how Over 9000 became a replacement for "bucketload of".


The line comes from the pornographic manga Taking Shelter from the Rain by hentai and lolicon mangaka Boku, first released in 2008. An English translation of the manga was further made and spread across the western web, revealing a funny way of expressing male orgasm:

This unusual line caused its sensation as early as February 2009 on the 4chan's /a/ board[1]. Through out the rest of 2009 and onward, the catchphrase became a recurring theme on 4chan, especially when someone's got the I came reaction towards a picture[2].


As it grew in popularity, the catchphrase would be turned into a snowclone as an hyperbole and, the same way Oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer did, it found its way into forum threads' titles and comments, brewing a wide variety of situations in which one either wants to rage[3], smash something[4] or do pretty much anything[5].
It can even reach for the most unusual of places by being reused in a Dead Spin article[6]:

Craig James for Senate has taken off with the force of a thousand suns. Texans, and people from all over the world, have donated literally tens of dollars to the James Train. Can anything stop this force of nature, besides unfounded but stubborn allegations from his past about dead prostitutes found in Dallas ditches 20 years ago?

Is it physically possible?

Around March 2010, a scientific analysis coupled with figure and in-depth calculations was featured on several websites, including desu-HQ[7] and Reddit [8].

C-- WITH THE FORCE OF 1000 SUNS jMATV. AAHH, AHH. DAMN DATA 1 Joule will propel 0.2g at 0.1 km/s The sun puts out 3.86E25 watts (joules/sec) Average amount of semen e--------- perspasm=2.5 ml l mass of 1 ml semen-1.1g Average time of spasm=0.8 seconds Convert to」required of semen x velocity set to 0.1kps ENERGY OUTPUT 3.86E26 watts= 3.089E26」 in 0.8 seconds I CAME WITH THE FORCE OF 1」 , 2.75g 1000 suns in 0.8 seconds= 3.09E2, 13.75J to propel 2.75g to 0.1kps 0.2 ONE THO SAND Velocity of e---------- at force of 1000 suns: 0.1 kps | 3.09 13.75J|--+ 2.25E25 kps I 2.25E25kps/300,000kps=7.49E21 C------ at 7.49 Billion Trillion times the speed of light speed of light-300,000 kps Calculating for force on both semen and man. Assuming man is slightly less than 80kilos, the closeness of mass of semen to convertible unit of 1 lets me make a reasonable calculation of mass of manin comparison. (too lazy to make ratio) 4681 trillion times the speed of light Half the force put on semen, half on man: semenvelocity is 3.75E c. 3.75 Billion Trillion times the speed of light Man velocity (in opposite direction): 3.75E21c/80,000g=4.68 °C

It was made by an anonymous user in order to demonstrate a precise speed of spurt coming from a source of energy as powerful as "1000 suns".
An update was then provided on January 28th 2012 by Hugh Bongershaw from thecolorless.net website[9], taking into account the laws of physics concerning relativity and fixing the calculations.

(299792458"(1.028x10^21)/sqrt(299792458)"2"(.00275)^2+(1.028x10^21)^2) 日 M WITH THE FORCE OF 000 SUNS 299792 4581.028 x 1021 1 Joule will propel 0.2g at 0.1 km/s Average amount of semen ejaculatedpersp Average time of spasm-0.8 seconds watts (joules/sec) mass of 1 ml semen-1.1g The sun putsout 3.86E 25m 299 7924582 0.002752 +(1.028 x 1021) ou can keep goin Convert to Irequired of semen x ENERGY Fewer digts More digits 3.86E2"watts. 3.08%"*) in。 2.99792457999999999999999999999903592400016753283598527308087 WITH THE 1000 suns in 0.8 seconds 3.09E 6027125682744986480343308695723169684110955448497958772291 7023404335526288246546101795970264970909963686859519189755 3562550580733635188671430726753641651550676201543927816318 6203966880490275091540265915118220924323034886534342593977 4439026165327221409769299169642611351372213317220305041762 8899232136007987918114613777358747545220035882733873533472 1925534722644672256835117529558689547463600257958795181457 3025705491905234175507315180782193095231203178365267374875 1485148087119920908512460081190081885327602780430068119289 3586602915717407800729186456435974743017115168135642556987 3940699252188200992069300388151946699033761018276071029852 3861420837684568098502423495215484292380353587760160843508 7415956354522289704610020751136492288590945023898118328794 4464435035725536063618538591627903638165229899672384381311 44975599971609996694627209767875732676397917069900... x 108 13.75Jto propel Velocity of e---------- at force of 1000 suns: 0.1 kps | 3.09E2 13.751 →2.25E25 kps E25kps/300,000kps 7.49E21 C------ at illion times the speed of both semen and man Assuming manis sightlyless han 80kilo5 4RR1 trillann ss of semen toconvertbi mass of man in comparson SPECIAL RELATIVITY he force put on semen, half on man se Man velocity (in opposite direction):3.75/80,000g 4 68E The power flux [W/m*2] due to the Sun at Earth's surface is 1,370 W/m 2. Earths surface is 1 AU awav from the sun, which is equal to 149.60 × 10^9 m. That means the total energy output is the power flux multiplied by the surface area of a sphere of radius 149.60 × 10ng m: (1 370 W/m^2) * (4*pi*( 149.60 × 10ng m)^2) 3.853 X 10^26 watts SO FAR SO GOOD, PHYSICS TROLL If we assume an average c-- spurt lasts 0.8 seconds, that means (3.853 X 10 26 W)*(0.8 s) 3.0824 X 10 26 Joules of energy per Sun. Multiply that by 1000, and you have 3.0824 X 29 Joules of energy in one c------. W HERE'S WHERE THE DUDE WENT FULL RETARD ic corrections to get the correct speed, f-----. You can't go ou have to include rela faster than something that has no mass (INB4 TROLL POST) Total energy, mass, and momentum are related by EA2-m 2* c 4 p 2 c 2 (Google it. Also, if momentum is zero it reduces to E-mc^2 Plug in m _ 0.00275 kg. C-2.998×10ng m/s, and E-3.0824× 10"29 1.028x10 21 kg m/s (kilogram meters per second - the unit of momentum in SI) HOKAY OL e corr SO now e iormula e final calcu p-( gamma)"mT V where (gamma) iS the 2.9979245799999999 99999999903592400016753283598527308087 684110955448497958772291 6027125682744986480343 70234043355 3562550580733635188 5723 882465461017959702649709 686 0726753641 0676201543927816318 034886534342593977 SO 68804902750915402 182 1722 36007987918114613777358747545220035882733873533472 925534722644672256835117529558689547463600257958795181457 203178365267374875 3025705491905234175507315180782193095 9157174078007291864564359 358 39406992521882009 386142083768456809850242349521548 15168135642556987 300388151946699033761018276071029852 2380353587760160843508 6354522289704610020751136492288590945023898118328794 4464435035725536063618538591627903638165229899672384381 4497559 1609996694627209767875732 Corrected Bv: Hugh Bongershaw WHICH IS APPROXIMATELY 99·999999999999999999999999999967% OF THE SPEED OF LIGHT

Dwight's line in The Office

In episode 13th, titled Jury Duty, of the 8th season from tv series The Office that was first aired on February 2nd 2012, Dwight can be seen uttering a peculiar line:

I kissed you with the force of a thousand waterfalls

It's not clear if the directors were partly inspired by the meme concerning that line of dialogue.

I want to kiss you with the force of a thousand waterfalls our ecards someecards.com

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