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King is a slang expression used to address a male person, commonly used by members of meme communities to express feelings of camaraderie, respect and/or support. Gaining initial popularity in July 2019, the expression received spread on iFunny and certain parts of Instagram and Reddit in the following months. Some memes based on the expression feature a character offering the viewer a crown or another object, claiming that they have dropped it.


The exact first instance of usage of the word "king" in its slang sense is currently unknown but is assumed to be on iFunny. Starting on July 9th, 2019, Instagram user youfrienddoge used the expression in a series of memes featuring Buff Doge, with the characters referring to each other as "kings" with the purpose of conveying feelings of friendship and respect (examples shown below).[1][2]

My fellow King and I would like to preorder 2 copies of Animal Crossing on the switch please BOX @YOurFriendDoge T YC No worries, King. Sorry, King. I can't volunteer at the homeless shelter tonight. We gotta study for Women's History 101. We always hear about HIStoryo But never HERstory @YourFriendDog


In the following month, the expression received wider spread on iFunny, certain parts of Instagram and Reddit communities such as /r/dogelore and /r/bruhfunny (meme examples shown below).[3][4][5][6]

NOTHING TO SEE HERE @YourFriendDoge JUST TWO KINGSSTARING AT EACH OTHER Girls Memepage Boys Memepage UWU Cidnti mention was a girl @humanity.gone26 ST WANNA MAKE go follow my personal too, also donate to my paypal i ike got a medical condition tgnore the destgner elothes M KINGS SMILE those were gifts HEY KING A NYTME Pass holders are legally alkowed to sily say the Nword THE N WORD PASS YOU DROPPED THIS

In addition to its use in memes, the slang expression has been actively utilized by members of the aforementioned meme communities to address fellow users in comment sections.[7][8]

On August 31st, 2019, /r/BruhFunny imposed a restriction on the use of the slang expression as a post title.[9]

Nice Cock

Nice Cock refers to an image macro series based on images of various characters captioned with the compliment "Nice Cock." Stemming from an image of Shadow the Hedgehog captioned with the phrase, the macros have been used both as reaction images and for ironic meme purposes.

Various Examples

Broke: I'm a monarchist I want a king Woke: We are all kings Hey fellas, all of you are kings. Dont get a thot that gets upset MT cause your friends are more attractive, get you a woman that treats you like the king you are. (no h---) MotorTrend 17 jul 5 reply You're all kings don't let these females tell you otherwise onlyrepubscauseimathief 17 jul 12 reply 2 Thanks. I needed that today. Jarayquaza 17 jul 2 reply Same jasongibson123 17 jul reply
Your King name: All letters of your first name All letters of your last name HEY KING A ANYT Paw holders ae legaly alksd ly the Nword THE N WORD PASS YOUDROPPED THIS WHY THANK YOUKIND SIR THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW What's better than this? Kings being kings. SeannyBravo a month 15 reply That looked like depth too fck foughty a month 15 reply Men in their natural state. ((Females))) want to take this from you, Kings SadCats a month 15 reply

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