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The Konami Code (a cheat code) is a sequence of button presses that usually unlocks special in-game features. Use of the code has become popular outside of video games as many websites have adopted the code to hide easter eggs within their sites.


The code first appeared in the 1986 release of Gradius for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).[1] Created by programmer Kazuhisa Hasimoto, it was implemented as a dev tool as Hasimoto could not get past a part of the game, being quoted as saying "Because I was the one who was going to be using it, I made sure it was easy to remember." Later, the code was programmed into many Konami and Non-Konami games. The most popular use of the code was in the video game Contra,[2] a two player shooter also for the NES. In Contra, use of the code granted thirty additional lives, dubbing it the "30 lives code". There are many variations of the code, used in many games. The code itself is:

(↑) (↑) (↓) (↓) (←) (→) (←) (→) (B) (A) (START)


Usage as Easter Egg

The Konami Code has become a popular method for unlocking cool easter eggs ("bonus" features) on popular websites.

On April 26th, 2009, an unnamed designer working for ESPN.COM created an Easter Egg in which one could Cornify the page by entering the Konami code.[3]

In 2009, the use of the code on Facebook activated lens flare effect upon clicking the mouse.[4]

Using the code while reading comments on Digg would automatically expand and collapse nested replies.

In 2010, entering the Konami Code on Newsweek.com changed all the headlines to reference Zombie invasions.[5]

A larger list of sites using the Konami Code can be found at Konami Code Sites.[6]

Various Exapmles

On YTMND, users parodied the code's use on various pages.[7]

  • Jesus Gets 30 Lives[8]
  • Push It To the Limit[9]
  • ESPN.com's Night of the Unicorns[10]

Media Appearances

Left: Wreck-It Ralph (2012) | Right: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (2012)

Left: Battle Athletes (1997) | Right: HELLSING OAV Vol.2 (2006)

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