Make Me a Sandwich

Make Me a Sandwich

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"Make me a sandwich," sometimes deliberately misspelled as “Make me a sammich,” is a catchphrase often used by male internet users to mock, discredit or annoy female internet users, playing off of the sexist trope[1] which states that women belong in the kitchen.


The phrase "go make me a sandwich" was first introduced in a Saturday Night Live skit[6] that aired on December 16th, 1995. In the skit, actor Tim Meadows appears as John-John Mackey, a weatherman who tries too hard to be hip by using confrontational language during the delivery of his forecasts. While predicting an incoming storm, he tells the storm to go make him a sandwich.

John-John Mackey: When I see a storm front coming, I'm all, "What's up, bitch?!" And the storm is all, "Not, much, Sir." And I'm all, "That's right, bitch! Now, go make me a sandwich!" And you want that kind of confidence in your weatherman!

Usage of "Sammich"

"Sammich," a phonetic translation of the word "sandwich," is believed to have made its appearance in a November 1998 Onion article[2] about the life of an office worker written in stereotypical Ebonics. An explanation of the word was submitted to the writers' community Everything2[3] in October 2000, which defined "sammich" as a food item made with care and lots of ingredients, making it better than a normal sandwich. The first Urban Dictionary[4] definition for “sammich” was submitted on January 3rd, 2003, also nothing that the word is reserved for sandwiches “with connotations of extra goodness.” The Oxford English Dictionary[5] officially recognized “sammich” as a word in May 2011.

Have a tasty SAMMICH!


Throughout the late 1990s and 2000s, the expression was used in a number of other TV shows and stand-up comedy specials, including an episode of X-Files (shown below, left) that aired in March 1999, an episode of That 70s Show in July 2000, as well as Dave Chappelle's stand-up special For What It's Worth (shown below, right) and an episode of Rescue Me, both of which aired in September 2004.

The phrase “make me a sandwich” was further popularized by an xkcd comic titled "Sandwich"[7] (shown below, left), posted on August 28th, 2006.[8] In the comic, one of the characters uses the phrase paired with the word “sudo,”[9] which is the Unix command that allows selected users to execute a command as an administrator. Shortly after it was featured on xkcd, the comic was subsequently linked to a thread in Ubuntu forums[12], a BoingBoing article[10] and actor Wil Wheaton’s blog[11] in September 2006. The phrase became so pervasive in American colloquialism that a panel discussion on its hindrance of women’s participation in online spaces was held at the 2012 GeekGirlCon[18] in Seattle, Washington (shown below, right).


As of October 2012, there are dozens of Facebook fan pages and groups[13] titled with variations of the phrase, the largest of which[14] has more than 8,100 fans, as well as images tagged under “sammich”[15] or “sandwich”[16] on Tumblr and 19,000 videos related to the phrase “make me a sandwich” on YouTube.[17]

Notable Examples

WOMAN Cause these samiches ain't gonna make themselves. Go make me a woman. Hey you're a woman And this is crazy But there's a kitchen A sandwich maybe?
Started dating the cute girl trom Subway Now my girlfriend has to make me a sandwich Resolved Question Show me another When a guy says GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH, what's Anna a good comeback? He's sexist, and I'm trying to be witty Any good comebacks? 2 wooks ago Report Abuse Best Answer- Chosen by Voters Well, you better comeback with a godamn sandwich 2 weeks ago Retz 70% 199 votes Report Abuse cb 1 ls this what you are searching for? 133 ☆ interesting! ▼ Ed Email Comment (11) やSave ▼ ..-.Verizona. 9:14 PM @O 37%2 乃 Messages (6) Daniel <3 Edit we need to talk.. Oh..? idk something just doesnt feel right.. :/ what do you mean? weve been dating for almost 8 months now and you have not once made me a sandwich., you one and choke you with it for scaring me so hahahahahahahaaha O Text Message Send

Single Topic Blog: 300 Sandwiches

In June 2012, New York Post's senior reporter Stephanie Smith launched the food photography blog 300 Sandwiches[19] to document a variety of homemade sandwiches she makes for her boyfriend Eric Schulte.


In September 2013, after creating 176 sandwiches, Smith wrote about her blog and the story behind it in a New York Post column article titled "‘I’m 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring’,"[20] revealing that she decided to start the project after her boyfriend joked that he will propose to her one day if she makes him 300 sandwiches. Smith's boyfriend, whom she describes as a "gourmet cook" himself, was quoted as saying:

“You women read all these magazines to get advice on how to keep a man, and it’s so easy,” he says. “We’re not complex. Just do something nice for us. Like make a sandwich.”

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All you have to do is take a cup of flour
add it to the mix
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour.
A bit of Salt. Just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a sinch!
Add a teaspoon of BOLOGNA!
Add a little more and you count to four
and you never get your FILLA!!

Sandvich! So moist and delicious
Sandvich! I`m comming for you

P.S.: This did just happened, Scout. Now make me a sammich!


>youre on the internet, your favorite forum
>you see someone new, someone who claims to be a woman
>so you greet her in the typical internet way of greeting women
>you ask her why shes not in the kitchen
>she says she has a right not to be in the kitchen if she doesnt want to be
>also she says shes not just a woman, shes a witch
>so dont mess with her
>you laugh
>you tell her to stfu and make you a sandwich
>she says k
>then you start to feel strange
>you are shrinking
>your skin feels like its turning to bread
>your head, arms, and legs vanish
>a crust forms around you
>your insides turn to meat, cheese, and veggies
>finally it stops
>you are a sandwich
>you cannot move because you are a sandwich
>you cannot type because you are a sandwich
>a few hours later, your dog eats you
>but youre happy
>you told a female on the internet to make you a sandwich
>and she did

Wrote it myself. _


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