Minion or Da Bob

Minion or Da Bob

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Minion or Da Bob refers to a series of jokes and memes based on a photoshopped, side-by-side image of a man wearing a Minions t-shirt and the same man wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants t-shirt. The original image, as well as many of the memes based on the image include the question "Minion or da bob fo today." Some of the jokes refer to the consequences of answering the question incorrectly.


The earliest known "Minion or da bob" image was posted on the Facebook [1] page officialctfuworld on October 11th, 2018. The post received more than 500 reactions and 500 shares in one month.

Minion or da bob fo today


That day, Instagram [2] user @juicynignut posted the photograph. The post received more than 15,000 likes in one month.

Thirteen days later, on October 24th, ifunny [6] user PerfectShinobi uploaded the image with moderate success and received 105 smiles.

One of the users who viewed the post, [7] TriggerWarning uploaded an edited version of the image on November 6th (shown below, left) that depicts the original image with an old format of the " "OMG! Trump is great" vs "OMG! Trump is Evil" "AND IM JUST OVER HERE LIKE" " caption used in commendation of anti-modern day politics post. With this post being uploaded the night of the U.S. House election. This would help get the post gain massive attention. Gaining 2.3k likes and inspired many popular ifunny creators to make their own edits.

On November 8th, the image originally posted by Triggerwarning would be stolen and posted by a Redditor [3] Deimos1724. the /r/comedyheaven subreddit. Within one week, the post received more than 400 points (99% upvoted). The following day, @juicybignut[4] shared the image, receiving more than 16,000 likes in one week.

On November 13th, Redditor[5] DinaCoffeeBean posted the image above an image of Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War (shown below, center). The post received more than 75 points and (90% upvoted).

The following day, Twitter [6] user @_ericcurtin tweeted a series of variations of the meme. The post received more than 1,300 retweets and 6,000 likes in 24 hours (shown below, right).

OR OMGITRUMP REA ISEVIL AND IM JUST OVER HERE LIKE Minion or da bob fo today bob fo today The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

Various Examples

you shouldve chose 19859 da minion fo todav 8444-50 02597979 bob fo today The hardest choices require the strongest wills. It's time for you to look inward, and start asking yourself the big questions Minion o da-bob fo today
on shoulda chose da bob cant believe he chose da bob fo today You take da minion the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take da bob- you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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