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"Muh" is Internet slang for “my,” the first-person, possessive pronoun in the English language. On 4chan, a series of image macros mimicking entries in the Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms contain variations of the phrasal template "Muh X" accompanied by descriptions which mock political, religious and ethnic groups.


The exact origin of the term "muh" is unclear. On June 6th, 2003, Urban Dictionary[4] user wyckid submitted an entry for "muh," defining it as a synonym for the word "my."

Urban Dictionary uses and defines the word MUH


On February 20th, 2006, VN Forums[8] member crusty ol' negro submitted a thread titled "Muh Dik Iz Big" ("my dick is big"). On February 24th, 2008, an anonymous 4chan BBS[9] user left the comment "I need muh dee dee arr" ("I need my Dance Dance Revolution") in a thread about the electronic musician Aphex Twin. On July 12th, 2011, Body Building Forums[1] member n0homo submitted a thread in which he used the phrase "muh gains" when referring to his muscle mass gained from lifting weights (shown below).

Thread: Tell me if im going to ruin muh gains with this IF type cut 07-12-2011, 09:38 PM nOhomo Registered User Tell me if im going to ruin muh gains with this IF type cut after doing a lot of research (hard to tell which parts were bs, tbh) I picked out what seems, at this time, to be the best option >6'3, 210lb, enough muscle that warrants caution doing this kind of thing 2 it's a lot like leangains it's a low carb IF. I'll also detail what i'd be doing during which period NO Join Date: Jul 2011 Age: 23 Stats: 6'3", 210 lbs Posts: 5 Rep Power: 0 Lifting Day: 1pm to 7pm >eat: 25% of my intake, half carbs half protein lift seat: 25% of my intake, fat and protein >eat the other 50% close to 7 PM BODYSPACE Non Lifting Day 1pm to 7pm >fasted LISS, some bodyweight and small exercises >eat 50% of my intake after, no/low carb seat the other 50% again close to 7 PM every day: 1g of protein per estimated lean mass in lbs (somewhere between 180g and 190g) 2,000-2,200kcal below 50g carbs feedback appreciated, thanks

In September that year, an entry for "muh" was created on the online dictionary Internet Slang.[7] On July 5th, 2012, Redditor ChevyBMX submitted a picture of a sea lion biting a man's face titled "Give me muh bukket" to /r/funny[6] (shown below). Before the post was archived, it gathered upwards of 6,700 up votes and 100 comments.

On September 28th, YouTuber EmpyreanAria uploaded a music video titled "Whur muh boats at," featuring animated cartoon of the character Daenerys Targaryen from the television drama series Game of Thrones (shown below). Within two years, the video accumulated over 320,000 views and 520 comments.

On June 21st, 2013, Redditor youpizzashit submitted a selfie photograph of a woman titled "muh makeup b on point 2day" to the /r/cringepics[5] subreddit, where it gained more than 3,800 up votes prior to being archived (shown below, left).

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Notable Examples

where muh fish Wuzgite here ICANHASO H E E ZE U R GER.COM ' ' YOU CANT OPPRES MUH FREEDOMS! Oh no... Dad, i'm Libertarian. 01 MUH ROADS WHERE... ARE... MUH ROADS

Scholastic Image Macros

A series of image macros mocking various political, religious and ethnic groups are often posted on 4chan's various image boards and other online discussion forums, which feature the phrasal template "Muh X" accompanied by a definition of the phrase and the logo for the American book publishing company Scholastic (shown below). On August 10th, 2012, a thread was created with an image macro titled "Muh Freedoms" on 4chan's /sp/[11] (sports) board, which defined the phrase as an expression indicating an "American's confusion and lack of understanding" (shown below, left).

53 "MUH FREEDOMS" Muh Freedoms This expression indicates an American's confusion and lack of understanding. When confronted with something he can not understand or respond to, Americans mumble, "Muh Freedoms" or "Muh Freedoms muthafucka." This is usually followed clapping and stuffing their faces with burgers SCHOLASTIC "MUH PRESDENT" Muh Presdent AZ This expression indicates that the person stating it is now going to do something detrimental to the country in which they live. When sending tax dollars overseas, supporting Muslim revolutions or handing out "gibs", this expression is often used. It is usually followed by Secret Service harassment of those who differ in opinion. MSCHOLASTIC "MUH HERITAGE" Muh Heritage This expression indicates a white person's confusion and lack of understanding. When confronted with something he can not understand or respond to, white people mumble, "Muh Heritage" or "Muh Heritage muthafucka." This is usually followed by pointing at old architecture and pictures of historical persons of merit. SCHOLASTIC

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