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OD / Odee

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OD, sometimes spelled as Odee or Ode, is an AAVE slang term used to describe something as being over the top, overdone or "extra." The term is used to signify the exaggerated or extreme qualities of a person, idea or object, and is sometimes used in place of the word "really." The term likely originates from New York slang and stems from the term OD or overdose. The term was popularised through rap culture and internet discourse.


Use of the term "odee" was prevalent on Twitter as early as 2008.[1][2][3] The earliest notable use of the term on the platform took place after 2015.

On April 17th, 2009, Urban Dictionary[7] user Bebaqiirl posted a definition for "odee," describing it as meaning "hella." The post gathered over 180 likes on the website in 14 years (seen below).

odee. refers to the new word "hella". or can be used as in reference to 'a lot'. examples - "Im odee bored." or, "Im feelin' you, odee"! odee. by Bebaqiirl April 17, 2009 188 47 FLAG f


On December 18th, 2013, Redditor /u/Ramen__noodles used OD as an example of middle school slang, which Redditor /u/yesdragonswerereal explained meant "a lot of something. Ex: Yo that party was odee fun."[6] The comments gathered over 1300 and 500 upvotes respectively (seen below).

[-] ramen__noodles i'm a middle school teacher so... ratchet 1327 points 9 years ago lit od butta permalink source embed save save-RES report give award hide child comments [+] [deleted] 9 years ago* (last edited 9 years ago) (104 children) [+] fancycat 390 points 9 years ago (30 children) [-] [deleted] 371 points 9 years ago Butta? permalink source embed save save-RES parent report hide child comments [-] nwilz 1622 points 9 years ago Butta this bread for me permalink source embed save save-RES parent report give award hide child comments [-] AreYouDreaming 1813 points 9 years ago Or, I'd like to get a job butta don't know how to speak properly. permalink source embed save save-RES parent report give award hide child comments [-] YesDragonsWereReal 506 points 9 years ago* (last edited 9 years ago) Alright let me be the one to define these since people are complaining about the lack of definitions being weak sauce. Ratchet is similar to ghetto or very poor maintenance (used to describe people). Lit means wild or similar to turnt up as mentioned other places in the post. Od/odee just means a lot of something. Ex: Yo that party was odee fun. And calling someone a butta just means they're cute or good looking. This is not to be confused with buttahface/butterface which means a girl has a nice body/everything about her is nice BUT HER FACE. Source: I'm a junior in high school. EDIT: grammar EDIT 2: Obligatory - thanks for my first ever gold! permalink source embed save save-RES parent report give award hide child comments load more comments (73 replies)

Twitter[4] user @DamonCRodgers posted a tweet using the term "odee" on July 19th, 2015, gathering over 100 likes in eight years (seen below, left). Twitter[5] user @tonyMFstar posted a tweet using the term on October 20th, 2015, gathering over 100 likes as well (seen below, right).

Damon Rodgers @DamonCRodgers Is no one else ever like.. Odee scared of death? That shit is deadass scary to think about. 10:16 PM Jul 19, 2015 97 Retweets 110 Likes burnt reynolds @tonyMFstar I dead feel like Justin biebers album is gonna be odee good and he gonna win over everyone who hated him 12:19 PM Oct 20, 2015 259 Retweets 167 Likes

Various Examples

Tina Turtle @tinaqueen_15 The sibling rivalry in the Bible was odee. Like THE MOST me and my siblings will do is argue. Them people was killing each other. 1:33 PM Jan 18, 2023 166.6K Views ● 501 Retweets 75 Quotes 3,204 Likes 69 Bookmarks How Bronx girls say good morning Today 12:12 PM I jus had a dream you were cracking my shit LMFAO0000 "BRONX ANTICS.. Odee thats why I hit you up Imfao Lmfaooo Was it fire? bro y'all odee with vapes, 8:38am blowing mango kiwi blast in my face.
Chino @0893Chino Replying to @RiqueDaRuler and @RicoRiq this fit was odee horrible H 9:03 PM Dec 4, 2018 GEICO Me WWW SIME 1,065 Retweets 274 Quotes 3,277 Likes 22 Bookmarks : VA PAMELA. @pxm__ I might flirt back a little bit, but I'm not gone link u. That's odee 10:12 PM Apr 5, 2020 3,101 Retweets 357 Quotes 7,487 Likes 171 Bookmarks THE MOney BaUid @NinaTheOutsider So i was on pornhub yesterday and i noticed the nigga had on a Crenshaw tee and im like ... wow even the porn niggas supported Nipsey and i got odee sad Fucked up my whole Mood. Damn Nip 1:45 PM · May 2, 2019 3,949 Retweets 1,043 Quotes 10.4K Likes 307 Bookmarks assoholics.co

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