Oh, Worm?

Oh, Worm?

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"Oh, Worm?" is a misspelling of "Oh, Word?" After appearing in an advice animal where "Oh, Word?" is a common caption, it began to grow popular on Tumblr in the first half of 2017.


The slang first appeared on the advice animal Lil D-Wade, a school photo of basketball player Dwayne Wade. Due to the doubtful face on Wade's face, a common caption for the photo was "Oh, word?" Several versions made in the template had a typo which read "Oh, worm?"[1] (example shown below).

OH WORM? memegenerator.net

Gwynndolin first posted this image to Tumblr on September 19th, 2016.[8] The post became a Tumblr meme following posts by user 6thhouse on November 9th[2] and November 10th, 2016[3] in which he obsessed over the phrase (shown below). The second gained over 16,000 points.

oh worm? 229. 9 months ago i've devolved into a caveman that can only say 'mood' and 'oh worm?' 16223, 9 months ago


The text meme spread slowly through Tumblr through the first half of 2017. Interest began picking up around spring and summer when a few popular text posts began circulating. On June 8th, 2017, Tumblr user beatsallovertheshop[4] posted a text post that read "a medieval peasant, upon seeing a dragon: oh, wyrm?", which gained over 20,000 notes (reblogged version shown below, left). On July 27th, birdfriender[5] wrote a text post that read "Literally how does “oh worm?” express every possible human emotion," gaining over 14,000 notes (shown below, right)

a medieval peasant, upon seeing a dragon: oh, wyrm? birdfriender Literally how does "oh worm?" express every possible human emotion

The meme's origins have been a point of research for meme-researching communities for some time. On June 8th, 2017, a post was submitted to /r/OutOfTheLoop[6] inquiring about the origins. After being tagged in posts inquiring about the origins of the phrase, Meme Documentation [7] posted an explainer on August 3rd, 2017.

Various Examples

Sometimes...things that are exoe. .areWorm oh worm? It's more likely than you think. FREE PC CHECK CONTENTwatch ..ooo Verizon令 12:11 AM @ 1 58% CP316 oh, worm? 46/46 HP 3.49kg 1.82m WEIGHT DRAGON HEIGHT 16784 3 STARDUST DRATINI CANDY POWER UP 1900 2 EVOLVE 2 l can relate. me/same mood oh worm? OH WOOM? memegenerator.net

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