Calle Borjesson / Quentin

Calle Borjesson / Quentin

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Calle Borjesson is a 4chan user, better known as Quentin in reference to his tripcode Quentin !!p3mpBqBwOeY, notorious for his threads and posts on the boards /lit/ and /v/, his opinions on various topics, especially regarding cannabis consumption, and a series of MS Paint comics created by him.

Online History

It's unknown when Quentin started posting on 4chan, but some of his comics date back to 2010 when he first began posting in /v/. Known for his controversial views, he has also posted on other boards, including /lit/. In June 2011, Quentin was permabanned from all boards.


Quentin is known for a series of poorly made MS Paint comics, where he is depicted as Adrian Veidt “Ozymandias” from the 2009 live action movie adaptation of the comic series Watchmen (played by Matthew Goode). In those comics, Quentin mostly ridicules marijuana consumers (mostly known as "stoners") and atheists, usually portraying himself as someone superior to them, or portraying stoners as depraved human beings.

STONERSTRAIGHT EDGE GAMERGAMER LMAO im SOO0 high!! let me play my bong noises over the mic! OK raid members remember that at 40% he will summon Living Meteors which we will need to DPS immediately or the meteor will kill whoever it fixates on. u guys smoke weed? 420! UMAD??? STONER LOGICAL FALLACY weed, like anything, is ok in moderation so you re saying that quentin stoner GENOCIDE can be justified? THIEVERY can be justified? stalin hitler no no it's ok UNN i only rob in moderation, governor! so that means it's ok :) e only exterminate in jesse james moderation! R--- can be justified? your honor, it's ok, i only r--- in moderation crime is a crime is a cime.. smoking weed is against the is murder. what does that say about weed?-Quentin!lp3mpBgBw0eY ted bundy (also a killer)

Doxing and Shooting Hoax

In some unknown moment after his ban, the true identity of Quentin was revealed as the teenager Calle Borjesson, who according by the descriptions "sat by himself and didn't really talk" on Oxnard High School, in California. On January 31st, 2012 a poster with a similar tripcode to Quentin submitted into /v/ a thread where he menaces to start a shooting on his school. This thread was sent to the director of his school, who adressed the situation. After that, all his Internet activity disappeared.

File 1328064767 ipg(43 KB, 651x465) □ quetzalcoatlus llbqLYk1nQYH 01/31/12(Tue)21:52 No.127546289 Bully beats the s--- out of f----- [Reply] guys I think im going to shoot up my school, someone beat up my friend and I just can't take it anymore. I found my dads gun and I hate these bullies guys I just want to kill them. Should 1? P2 □ Anonymous 01/31/12(Tue)21:54 No.127546432 Do it man, be a hero and beat the high score. □ quetzalcoatlus lbqLYk1nQY+1 01/31/12(Tue)21:54 No.127546506 >127546432 F--- it I'm going to do it around (or on) Valentines day. Will try to beat the high score, I will miss you guys! Smoke weed everyday, don't forget to pack a bowl in my memory. Peace out guys, this is Quentin signing off. Calle Borjesson

Diamond Dogs

In middle 2013, Quentin promoted the creation of Diamond Dogs, a group distinguished by its Nintendo 3DS hatred and the shaming of its users and based on the Metal Gear Solid group of the same name, or the conceptual album released by the brittish musician David Bowie on 1974. One of the earliest comics by Diamond Dogs was submitted on June 20th, 2013, featuring a guide of acceptable behavior out in public (shown bellow).[5]

OUT IN PUBLI Quentin's Diamond Dogs ACCEPTABLE MANCHILD O I dont care what anybody thinks of me...that's part of being an adult! bing! bing! 1-up! WAAA-HOO00! Reading in public. Listening to music. Playing your 3ds in public. Discussing philosophy or Sunday night HBO. Using your phone


Even after his ban and activity decrease, Quentin is still mentioned in the boards he used to browse (mainly /v/), where the term "Quentin" is often used to refer to verbose users, or people who is against cannabis,[2] getting a page on the /v/ wiki.[1] Also, he has inspired the apparition of various novelty social media accounts on Twitter[3] and Google+,[6] and the creation of comics and opinion images similar to the ones he did, being one of the most notable examples goyQuentin,[4] who creates comics with a similar style attacking the 4chan board /pol/.

I seriously hope you guys don't do this

"I seriously hope you guys don't do this" is a catchphrase used as condescendenting response and heavily associated with the Constanza.jpg reaction images. Its creation is often credited to Quentin, who used it as bait after ambigous statements, normally accompained with a close up picture of Pete Campbell, from the series Mad Men.

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