Elon Musk Alt Burner twitter Account @ermnmusk.

Elon Musk Alt Burner Account

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Elon Musk Alt Burner Account refers to the purported alternate Twitter account under the handle @ermnmusk and the username Elon Test. In late April 2023, it was revealed to be the second account of the Twitter owner due to an April 24th screenshot that showed the account's picture in Elon Musk's profile. Posters picked up on the account as it went viral and joked about it in the days after as word spread of his burner profile.

Online History

On April 24th, 2023, Elon Musk's purported alt or burner account was first revealed to the world because of a post he made promoting the "subscription" feature of Twitter. That day, Musk shared a screenshot of his subscriber count, which also showed the icon for the alt account (shown below). Users in his replies then hunted it down, presumably based solely on the profile picture, finding it within 17 minutes.[1]

3:59 Elon Musk @elonmusk 240 Following 136.4M Followers 24.7K Subscribers 口 Ⓡ 7 Bookmarks BOX Lists Twitter Blue Twitter Circle Professional Tools (+ Spaces Twitter for Professionals Twitter Ads Monetization Settings and Support .5G 8 < For y 3 E D T W C C in

According to the creation timestamp on the profile, Musk is speculated to have started the account in mid-November 2022, less than two weeks after he officially bought the company and took charge.[1] During the same timeframe (around November 11th) as the alt account's first post, Musk was occupied with laying off many of Twitter's employees and expressing concern that the company would go bankrupt.[2]

For most of its history, the account seems to have had few or no followers. The account occasionally lamented and complained about this (seen below, left).[3] For the most part, the alt account has posted in what appears to be the voice of Musk's toddler son with Grimes, X. Musk then seemingly confirmed this in a post created an hour after the account was publicly revealed (seen below).[4]

Elon Test @ErmnMusk I will finally turn 3 on May 4th! 11:44 PM. Apr 24, 2023 875.6K Views 217 Retweets 318 Quotes 3,442 Likes 241 Bookmarks :

Online Presence

Following the public unearthing of the purported alt account of Elon Musk on April 24th, 2023, the discovery went viral and trended online, with several media outlets reporting on it[8] and users reacting to it on social media. For example, on April 25th, Twitter user @JUNIPER submitted a post joking about the account, earning almost 30,000 likes in three hours (seen below).[5]

Prz pudding person @JUNIPER can we put this guy in jail yet Γ— 3.559 Elon Musk @elonmusk 240 Following 136.4M Followers 24.7K Subscribers 口 Bookmarks Lists Twitter Circle Spaces 130 1:35 AM. Apr 25, 2023 2.1M Views 1,610 Retweets 288 Quotes 28.4K Likes Elon Test @ErmnMusk Joined November 2022 33 Following 2,202 Followers Do you like Japanese girls? 10 16 171 622 28 Brian Chesky O @bchesky 11/12/22 It feels like we were in a nightclub and the lights just turned on 741 Bookmarks h Elon Test @ErmnMusk 11/13/22 What nightclub were you at? 22 6 7,733 h Follow Ψ§Ω„ : ↑ ↑ ... ↑

Particular replies from the account attracted attention, such as a series of posts in the toddler voice (seen below, left) and an example in which the alt replied to a tweet posted by Musk's main account (seen below, right).[1]

Michael Saylor Satoshi had the right idea. 1,635 2,391 171 Elon Test @ErmnMusk 11/13/22 Do you like Japanese girls? 16 10 @saylor 11/12/22 1 622 ● 3 21.7K ● 28 Brian Chesky 3 @ @bchesky-11/12/22 It feels like we were in a nightclub and the lights just turned on Elon Test @ErmnMusk 11/13/22 What nightclub were you at? 27 6 l Δ±lΔ± 7,733 l 14 l ↑ Elon Test @ErmnMusk 11/13/22 I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun. 12 3 la ↑ ↑, 企 Elon Musk 26 @elonmusk 11/12/22 Porn hub 9,775 + Add To 29.6K Share Man Fucks 5 Million People At Once 283K 86 Remove Ads Ψ§Ψ± Elon Test @Ermn Musk 11/13/22 Is this a real peon video? 26 LI 31 Download l (β†’ : (β†’

Many also found the "age play" aspect of the account off-putting and odd. For example, on April 25th, Twitter user @baddestmamajama reveled in the drama and connected it to a day full of other events like the Tucker Carlson's firing (seen below, top) [6]. Others were simply overwhelmed by the news, like user @dynosaur5, who expressed a need to "lie down" (seen below, bottom).[7]

Jessica Ellis @baddestmamajama : Look I'm sorry you cannot ask me to process "Elon Musk has an alt where he pretends to be a creepy baby" on this, Tucker Carlson's shame promenade day. 2:43 AM Apr 25, 2023 289.3K Views 1,236 Retweets 46 Quotes 9,968 Likes 139 Bookmarks

Dyna Soar @dynasoar5 Elon musk has an ageplay alt account. Idk I need to lie down. I don't have time for this I have to be somewhere at 10am. You guys sort this out 4:12 AM. Apr 25, 2023 5,020 Views 15 Retweets 1 Quote ... 168 Likes 5 Bookmarks

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