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Pannenkoek2012 is the Youtube alterego of Scott Buchanan, who makes videos about the Mario game, Super Mario 64, as well as the challenges created by the game's community. Due to the technical nature of his videos, he has gained a following on both his main and uncommentated channels, with the latter typically receiving 10k views per video.

Online Presence

The YouTube channel Pannenkoek2012 was launched in June 2008, and his second channel Pannenkeok2012 (later renamed to "UncommentatedPannen"), was launched in April 2009. His first video on the main channel was uploaded in 2010, showing the courses letting players collect coins indefinitely (shown below). As of December 2017, the video has over 80,000 views. Initially, Pannenkoek2012 only made videos either on the coin-collecting challenge, or videos showcasing glitches.[1]

He began to shift his focus to the A Button challenge in August 2013 (shown below, top row), and had uploaded a video for every star in the game by October. He then branched off to do other challenges, such as the No Button Challenge (shown below, bottom left), and the No Joystick Challenge (shown below, bottom right), although these other challenges hadn't been a huge focus on the channel.

On June 12th, 2014, Pannenkoek2012 uploaded a video where he collects The Impossible Coin, a mysterious coin that was supposedly added to the game before a level redesign, causing the coin to be hidden and previously uncollectable (shown below). Because no one had previously collected the coin, he received recognition from inside Super Mario 64 community [3], as well as outside [6]. As of 2017, this video as over two million views and is the second most popular on the channel.

In April 2014, Pannenkoek2012 posted a follow-up video discovering a previously unknown goomba at the bottom of Bowser in the Sky (shown below, left). He would later post a follow-up with suggestions for killing it (shown below, right). Both videos got over a million views.

To celebrate reaching 300 uploads, Pannenkoek2012 released his first video with verbal commentary on June 6th, 2014 (shown below). Due to the large amount of content in the video, it received over 11k likes along with over 800k views as of December 2017, surpassing all but one of his previous videos. Despite the popularity of the format, Pannenkoek mostly uploaded videos without commentary, due to the effort involved with it [5].

In 2013, Twitch streamer DOTA_TeaBag was playing Super Mario 64 and triggered an upwarp in Tick Tock Clock previously unknown to players. The stream was brought to Pannenkoek's attention in 2015. Unable to replicate the glitch, he put a $1000 bounty on it for whoever can replicate it first. The bounty currently remains unclaimed, despite being up for grabs for at least two years. This has caused many fans to call the glitch a hardware glitch instead of a game glitch, as DOTA_TeaBag had played the game on a real Japanese Nintendo 64.

In 2019, Pannenkoek released a video announcing a new ROM hack called "The ABC Trials". In it, the player completes 64 trials using as few A presses as possible. Pannenkoek will offer a $1000 prize by January 20th, 2021 to whoever has the lowest number of A presses, but if the trials are completed with zero A presses before then, the competition will end before the deadline.


As of December 2017, his main channel has more than 98,000 subscribers and over 19 million views, while his secondary channel has over 71,000 subscribers and 11 million views.

HMC Watch For Rolling Rocks video / 0.5x A Presses

Previous Developments

Pannenkoek's first video covering the Watch for Rolling Rocks Star was uploaded in 2013, requiring 2 A-presses to get at the time (shown below, top left). In mid-2015, Tyler Kehne showed Pannenkoek how to build enough speed to reach parallel universes in Hazy Maze Cave (shown below, top right), prompting Pannenkoek to save an A-press off the run the same day (shown below, bottom left). The same day this breakthrough was discovered, Pannenkoek posted a run saving an A press for the Watch For Rolling Rocks Star. Five months later, he uploaded a video on his main channel detailing the strategies used to save a presses in the "Watch for Rolling Rocks" mission (shown below, bottom right). Due to the complicated nature of the strategies, the video went viral, spawning several memes. The video remains the most viewed on his channel, with over 2.4 million views. Due to being burnt out after making the video [5], Pannenkoek hadn't uploaded a video to his main channel until December 7th, 2019 [7].

Future Developments

In April 2017, fifteen months after the commentated video, and Pannen and fellow A button challenge contender, Timestoppa, developed a route that wouldn't crash on an N64, later verified by rcombs[8], who also tweaked the run so it wouldn't crash on an actual Nintendo 64 (shown below, left). Eight months later, he released a video cutting over 9 hours of gameplay from the run, bringing the run to 5.4 hours (shown below, right).

SM64 File Select Theme

A common theme in Pannenkoek's videos is to have Super Mario 64's File Select Theme (shown below,) played in the background of technical lectures and explanations, in a very similar vein to Vsauce's use of Moon Men (Instrumental). Due to the frequent use of the song in these specific portions of videos, the song has been used in various references to Pannenkoek's content.

Search Interest

The term “pannenkoek” is not included in the graph as the word also means Dutch pancake, a food which has little to nothing to do with pannenkoek2012’s content. Including the term would’ve added unrelated searches to the graph.

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