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Screen Junkies is a YouTube channel created and operated by Break Media which features movie trailer parodies that poke fun at both classic and modern Hollywood films by providing tongue-in-cheek commentaries over their official preview footage.


On February 13th, 2012, Screen Junkies uploaded the pilot episode of Honest Trailers for the 1999 science fiction film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (shown below). In the first two years, the video gained over 5.7 million views and over 6,500 comments.


On March 22nd, 2012, Screen Junkies uploaded an honest trailer for the 2008 fantasy film Twilight (shown below, left), which garnered upwards of 9.1 million views and over 10,800 comments within two years. On April 5th, a parody trailer for the 1997 romantic disaster film Titantic was uploaded to the Screen Junkies channel. In 2 years, the video accumulated more than 11.8 million views and over 7,700 comments.

On April 8th, 2013, a page for "Web Video: Honest Trailers" was created on the trope database TV Tropes,[3] listing the web series as an example of the "MundaneButAwesome," "Brutal Honesty" and "Affectionate Parody" tropes. On May 17th, an honest trailer for the 2007 science fiction film Transformers (shown below, left) was uploaded to the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, which garnered over 8.9 million views and over 6,100 comments in the first 2 years. On May 19th, a Facebook[2] page titled "Honest Trailers" was launched, receiving upwards of 9,500 likes in the following year. On September 24th, Screen Junkies uploaded a parody trailer for the 2012 superhero film The Avengers (shown below, right). In 2 years, the video gained more than 10.7 million views and over 22,100 comments.

On May 30th, 2013, the pop culture blog Culture Mass[4] published an article titled "Nicolas Cage, Honest Trailers and the Culture of Negativity," which argued that the Honest Trailers series exposes a negative and overly critical mindset present in youth culture.

On March 8th 2014, Screen Junkies partnered with Smosh Games to release a video titled "MARIO KART (Honest Game Trailers)." As of October 2014, the video has gained over 5.1 million views and more than 5,500 comments and are continuing to release more videos of other popular games.

Andy Signore Sexual Harassment Allegations

On October 5th, 2017, Emma Bowers published a post on Facebook[5] which accused Screen Junkies creator Andy Signore of asking her if he could masturbate in front of her while she was his intern (shown below). Later that evening, Bowers published screenshots of the post on Twitter, where they received more than 10,100 likes and 5,300 retweets.[6]

Emma R Bowers October 5 at 11:22pm Los Angeles, CA In light of recent events with Harvey Weinstein. Now is a good time to remind everyone I was sexually harassed by Andy Signore, the creator of Screen Junkies. I was "interning" (aka working for 'copy credit') on some viral videos for him and he came across some pin-up photos I had done He messaged me to say how hot I was, and tried it play it off as silly lol jacking it to you in your undies!!!" And when I tried to brush it off, he offered me to come over so he could do it in person. I will never forget his exact words "you can read a book for all I care" You need to understand, this guy was my boss. He was in a position of power, and I was a VERY under skilled young lady, working with him for FREE, with the promise of, if he could pay me So l said T'm flattered, but no thank you" Cause I was desperate to break into the world of costume design A few months later, when I realized the project was going no where, I finally got the courage to back out. I told him I was done. His response "Oh. THATS professional of you!" I tried to move on, but that experience killed my desire to get into costume design and it causes me a lot of rage to see my FB friends who are woke and active and feminists repost and reblog Honest Trailers that allow this awful creep to make money So yeh, it's not just Weinstein. I wish l'd fought more, I wish I'd sceencapped his messages, but I was young, scared, and dumb. So I didn't. Girls in Hollywood get taken advantage of so much. I just want people to believe me when say this happened

On October 6th, YouTuber April Dawn tweeted a statement accusing Signore of sexual harassment, cleaiming that the Screen Junkies HR department did not take her seriously when confronted (shown below, left).[7] That same day, Twitter user @BeckyMoore83 tweeted a screenshot of an email from Signore asking her to be "secret pen pals" (shown below, right).

Over the past 2 months I have been talking with Screen Junkies HR department after Andy Signore tried to sexually assault me on multiple occasions. I did what I believed to be the right thing and trusted the company to do something, considering 2 other women also came forward with me The HR company continued to not take me seriously and only had Andy's interests in mind. He threatened my boyfriends job security, saying he would fire him if I told anyone. This has been the hardest time of my life, but I'm coming forward in hopes that no other women will have to be subject to this kind of treatment. He took out sex toys and tried to force them in me, took pictures of me without my permission and promised a position at Screen Junkies for sexual favors. I hope this encourages more women to come forward, because I believe you. April AprilDawn Of The Dead @April 13Dawn A more detailed statement on the harassment I received from Andy Signore 11:17 AM - Oct 6, 2017 295 2,375 6,494 to me Dec 14, 2016 Details Hey it's Andy :) trusting you won't give my email out or mention we emailed at all as I don't want to show any favoritism LOL instead we can be secret pen pals cool?) How long are you in town for? Another week?? I don't know a whole lot about you-Just know you are a legit film lover and seemingly more beautiful and more in shape than me LOL What kind of "trouble" are you looking for? Lol

On October 8th, Defy Media released a statement announcing that Signore's employment at Screen Junkies had been terminated over the allegations (shown below).[8]

DEFY Media and Screen Junkies have today terminated Andy Signore's employment, effective immediately. There is simply no justification for this egregious and intolerable behavior. In August, DEFY's HR team was made aware of allegations made against Andy, at which time an investigation was launched. On Friday, new information became available and the scope and magnitude of his inappropriate actions became apparent. We are acting swiftly to address the concerns of the people affected, and that going forward, our community is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind. Our Screen Junkies colleaques and freelancers are a team of remarkable creators serving loyal fans and we will support and protect them. If anyone else is aware of behavior of this type, we would encourage them to bring it to our attention.

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As of October 2014, there are 77 honest trailers that have been uploaded to the Screen Junkies YouTube channel.

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