Susumu Hirasawa

Susumu Hirasawa

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Susumu Hirasawa (Japanese: 平沢進) is a Japanese musician, composer, and multimedia artist known for his musical band P-Model[1] since 1979. In Japan, Hirasawa is one of the pioneering artists who has taken digital technologies and online environments into his artistic expression since the 1980s. Also, he's a very rare celebrity to have declared definitive repudiation of some "bad" online videos utilizing his works as they harm his career and art concepts.

Online History

In May 1999, Hirasawa muted a contract with a major record label to start online distributions of his works in the MP3 format.[3][4] That was the first instance of online distribution by famous artists in the Japanese music industry.[5] Since that year, he's shifted his main activities to the internet.

In 2009, Hirasawa started his Twitter[6] and earned many followers thanks to the TV anime K-On!, which has main characters whose names seem to be homages to him and other original P-Model members, airing its first season that year.[7] In an interview of that year[8], he gave positive opinions to MAD videos, remixes, and covers of his works on Niconico. He added that high-quality communications with the users enabled a mutual and tacit understanding of fan creations, but it would tumble down if they had malicious intent.

2021: Discomfort with Online Videos

Between 2017 and 2018, several of Hirasawa's songs serially became popular musical resources for MADs and YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMVs) because a MAD creator introduced his songs to the Cookie☆ community. Those songs had been popular over the next few years beyond the notorious online community. However, on September 23rd, 2021, Hirasawa posted tweets stating his distaste of those online videos as they harmed his career and degraded the fans' quality (shown below).[9][10][11][12] His anger caused an online controversy[13][14] and led to some users taking down their videos voluntarily. After his prediction in the 2000s has come true, internet users seldom utilize his works in their creations.

Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa 今日もミュート、ブロックを経て今に至る。 : 動画サイトの不愉快な動画も簡単に消去できれば良い と思う。 いちいち申請を出し、審査を待ち、 補足説明を要求さ れ、という時間を割かせるな。 40年の孤軍奮闘に泥を塗るな。 そんなものに好評化 を出す者達ももう私に近寄るな。私はオモチャじゃな い。 Translate Tweet 9:00 PM - Sep 23,2021 TweetDeck 3,356 Retweets 81 Quote Tweets 10.5K Likes Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa 普通に礼儀と距離感をわきまえていればミュートやブ ロックはしない。ただし先入観や思考停止で私にレッ テルを貼る者はブロックする。 : 不快な動画とは人を玩具的なキャラに歪めたり、屈辱 的な加工をして面白がるような低劣で無礼な動画だ。 この手のものは多くの他のファンも不快に思っている はず。 Translate Tweet 9:04 PM - Sep 23, 2021 - TweetDeck 2,581 Retweets 45 Quote Tweets 7,593 Likes Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa 個人の趣味嗜好でアニメと合体させるのもやめてく れ。 私の公的イメージに傷が付く。 私を広めようとしてくれているのは分かるが、もうい い。不適切なイメージが付着したまま広がっても意味 が無い。 ファンの質が低下するだけだ。 Translate Tweet 9:08 PM Sep 23, 2021 Tweet Deck ... 5,148 Retweets 246 Quote Tweets 16K Likes Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa コンセプトを立て、デザイナーや衣装さんと共にビジ ュアルを作り、一定のヒラサワイメージを作り上げて キープしてゆくのにどれだけの労力が必要と思うか。 それらが台無しになる。 ヒラサワの表現内容も矮小化され無意味化される。 : そんなことも分からん者の素材になるために積んだキ ャリアではない Translate Tweet 9:12 PM Sep 23,2021 Tweet Deck 2,613 Retweets 43 Quote Tweets 8,185 Likes


I did muting and blocking today, as usual.

I wish it would be as easy as this to remove bad videos on video-sharing services.
Do not spend my time sending requests, waiting for reviews, or making additional explanations.

Stop harming my lone fight for 40 years. To those who like such things, Get away from me.
I'm not a toy for you.

I won't mute or block if you have the usual etiquette and a sense of distance. But I sure do it if you label me from your preconception or thoughtless thinking.

The bad videos that I say are the lowbrow and rude videos that make fun of people by distorting their personalities like toys or editing them offensively. Many other fans (of mine) must feel discomfort with this kind of thing.

Stop combining (my works) with your favorite animes.
It hurts my public image.
I know you do it for me. But that's quite enough. It's meaningless that people get to know me with inappropriate images. It just degrades the quality of my fans.

You never know how much I need the efforts to establish and keep the concept, visual, and image of Hirasawa, the artist, together with designers and stylists.
It ruins them all.
It trivializes my expression and loses its meaning.
I've never built my career to become material for those who don't even understand such a thing.

AMVs and MADs

Hirasawa's music sometimes gets featured in Anime Music Videos and MADs as he provided impressive works for the popular Berserk anime series and Satoshi Kon's anime/movie titles.[15] Those MAD videos are called "Hirasawa MADs" (平沢MAD) on Niconico.[16]

Hirasawa himself, too, sometimes gets parodied in MAD videos.


"LAB=01"" is a song in P-Model's 8th album "P-MODEL" released on February 26th, 1992.[17] It was a popular musical resource for MADs/YTPMVs between December 2017 and September 2021.[18]

Logic Airforce

"Logic Airforce" (論理空軍) is a song in the album, "Music Industrial Wastes: P-Model or Die", P-Model's last studio album and the first online-distributed one released on September 1st, 1999.[19] It was a popular musical resource for MADs/YTPMVs between 2016 and September 2021.[20]

Big Brother

"Big Brother" is a song in Hirasawa's solo project, KAKU P-Model's 1st studio album, "Vistron", released on October 7th, 2004.[21] It was a popular musical resource for MADs/YTPMVs between May 2018 and September 2021.[22]

Guts' Theme

"Guts' Theme", officially known as "Guts", is a song from the soundtrack to the 1997 anime series Berserk, which was composed and partially sung by Susumu Hirasawa. The song (shown below, left) has been used in several meme videos, such as I Don't Wanna Be Horny Anymore, I Wanna Be Happy (shown below, right).

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