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Quiz Kid / Kid Passing Note

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Quiz Kid, also known as Kid Passing Note or Student Passing Paper is an exploitable webcomic, featuring a kid getting a note passed on class. The comic became popular on 4chan, specifically the boards /int/ and /pol/, and is commonly photoshopped as many different variations exist.


Quiz Kid originates as a comic strip from the website PBFcomics.com,[1] by Nicholas Gurewitch[2]. Nicholas is also resposible for the Weeaboo[3] comic. The premise of the original comic is of a boy asking for the answer for "Question 5" by the smarter kid sitting behind him. The smart kid then hands out a note, and on it was a drawing of a penis, causing the first child to make an angry expression. The next panel is of the children getting their results back with the smarter kid scoring an "A", and the other kid flunking the quiz.



On January 13th, 2015, the image was uploaded to 4chan's /pol/ (politically incorrect) board,[4] where an anonymous user posted a template of the comic and requested a version with Donald Trump in it, which was soon fulfilled (shown below).

File: 1452625789587.ipg (137 KB, 1294x1230) Anonymous (ID: C DAS ) 01/1 3/1 6(Wed)21:21:44 No.60924458 >>60925258 >>60925840 >>60927615 >>6092g 6094298460943905 Do your best with the template pol Requesting a poo in the loo Anonymous (ID: VESTN )囤01/13/16(Wed)21:28:37 No.60925258 trump2016.jpg (317 KB, 1294x1230) 609259332260926800260941697 File >60924458 (OP) Anonymous (ID: MZ8MME) ÷ 01/13/16(Wed)2 1 :33:46 No.60925840 File: 1452738104813.ipg (233 KB, 1294x1230) >60924458 (OP)

The template also sparked many more photoshopped variations of the original comic outside of 4chan, including Reddit[5], Imgur[10], FunnyJunk[7], eBaumsworld[6], Tumblr[8][9], and 9GAG[12], among many others.

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