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/int/ is the international board on 4chan, which is dedicated to discussions about a wide variety of topics, including foreign languages, world politics and cultural differences. The board shows flags where the various posters are based.


On January 25th, 2010, the /int/[1] board was launched along with /adv/ (advice), /lit/ (literature), /new/ (news), /sci/ (science & math) and /3/ (3DCG). In February 2012, the board saw a large influx of Russian users following a denial of service attack on the image board 2ch.so. In September 2013, another wave of Russian users came to /int/ following the closure of the Russian imageboard Harach.[2]

alb/cidie fig /gif h / hr /k/m o p/r sit/u v vg vr/w wg] [i ic] [r9k [s4s] [cm hm Igbt /y] [3 adv an asp biz cgl ck co diy fa /fit/gd/hcint/jp lit mlp mu Inout po / pol sci soc sp/tg toy trv tv vp/wsg /x] Settings] [Home] int/- International Please support 4chan by disabling your ad blocker on *.4chan. org/*, purchasing a self-serve ad·or buying a 4chan Pass [Start a New Thread] 06/21/15 It's now possible to use the legacy text CAPTCHA in the Quick Reply window. You can find the new option inside the [Settings] menu under "Quotes & Replying 04/14/15 Janitor acceptance e-mails are being sent, check your Spam folder if you applied. 02/28/15 [Hidel [Show Al] Please support 4chan by disabling your ad blocker on *4chan.org/ urchasing a self-serv or in Search OPs... [Catalog] [Archive] ロFile. Int.png (73 KB. 580x359) ; 08/04/13(Sun)22:41:53 No. 13531746メ Welcome to /int/ Anonymous ## Mod [Reply] hello ooal ciao 안녕하세요 Ola Oi! Ola! Want to learn something new? The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by int/ users like you aloha guten tag 今日はgoddag Chao alin Chao chi halloこんにE: 'shalom Cultural resources List of world cultures Flags of the world

In April 2014, 4chan was compromise by an unknown hacker, who posted screenshots of the site's moderator board along with other information on the /int/ board. A gallery of the screenshots was uploaded to Imgur.[4]

Krautchan's /int/

Krautchan[3] is a German language imageboard created on May 1st, 2007,[3] which has its own active /int/ board. Originally created as /uk/, it was first conceived as a replacement for the British imageboard Britchan in 2009.


Maki "Drawgirl' Badfox

“Drawgirl”' refers to an illustration of a young girl wearing a sly expression drawn the artist Maki Badfox. It has become a common exploitable image on /int/, inspiring dozens of derivatives featuring themese from various countries.


Polandball is a cartoon character drawn in the shape of a ball with the color schemes of the Polish flag (white & red), which often appears in a comic series featuring ball-shaped creatures representing different countries (also known as Countryballs). Due their popularity, Countryballs replaced the flags on Krautchan's /int/ board.

Sweden Yes

“Sweden Yes”is an expression used to mock Swedish gender equality politics and multiculturalism, which is often associated with the Captain Sweden webcomic character. The catchphrase has also inspired the phrasal template “X Yes”, refered to countries with a progressive ideal.

Ulf Karlsson -19 years old Works for government finding luxury apartments for Asylum seekers Lives in working-class apartment -In relationship with autistic boyfriend Likes: Islam, African culture, Marxism, Feminism, Green Tea Hates: Sweden, Europeans, Capitalism, "The Patriarchy", the West, himself, USA, barbarians who urinate while standing up

Serbia Strong / Remove Kebab

Serbia Strong is a music video made by a group of Serbian musician praising Bosnian President Radovan Karadžić.

Hide X Threads, Ignore X Posts, Do Not Reply To X Posters

Hide X Threads, Ignore X Posts, Do Not Reply To X Posters is a phrasal template associated with a series of reaction images which is rumored to have originated on Krautchan's /int/ board.

HIDE BrotherHood THREADS Using guns to shot me and not a laser? I'm sorry can't hear you over the sound of your bullets doing nothing >Gives you good technology Blows up teh Earth LOL GG NOOBS! Looks like i don got to take teh technologies away from you now, sry kiddo! 2281 not using mor IGNOREBos POSTS >Fighting for Hoover Dam >Not fighting for the Sierra Madre >Not wanting holograms or 3d printr machines Have fun throwing your feces at each other 0 DO NOT REPLYSTB TO Brotherhood POSTERS

Argentina Is White

“Argentina Is White” is a sarcastic statement implying that most of the Argentinian population isn’t Caucasian, which is typically used to provoke South American posters on the /int/ board.


Katya Lischina

Katya Kotoraya Lischina is a Russian Internet personality who gained a large following on /int/.

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[1] 4chan – /int/

[2] Tanasinn.info – Complete History of 4chan

[3] Krautchan.net – Main page

[4] Imgur – moot raped on the ass

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