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Rarity is a major character in the Hasbro Canadian-American animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is depicted as a light grey unicorn with a purple mane and a cutie mark consisting of three rhombus-shaped jewels. A notable aspect of her personality is her obsession with clothing, and aesthetics in general.

Origin and Character

Rarity is first introduced into the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. series in the first episode of the show, where she meets Twilight Sparkle as the latter is acquainting herself with the inhabitants of Ponyville. She runs her own fashion shop, the Carousel Boutique, and acts as the town's main fashion designer and tailor. She has a pet cat named Opalescence, and is the love interest of Spike, another major character in the series.

She is voiced primarily by Tabitha St. Germain,[1] with additional voice acting provided by Kimlinh Tran and singing voice provided by Kazumi Evans.


On May 5th, 2013, Youtuber Gibbontake submitted a compilation of Rarity moments in a video titled "RARITY RARITY RARITY (compilation)".[6]

Rarity is a popular subject of fan art, with over 235,857 results on DeviantArt.[2] Furthermore, Sparity returns 3,320 results on the site.[3] An entry for the character on MLP Wiki was created on December 15th, 2010,[4] which has since been edited over 2,000 times. The pony image hosting site Derpibooru returns over 73,000 images[5] when searching for the character.

Marshmallow Rarity

The depiction of Rarity as a marshmallow is the most notable and commonplace example of a Pony Re-Imagining. It became a meme within the MLP fandom due to a popular still frame from episode 19 of season 1 pointing out the physical similarities between Rarity and a marshmallow.

Bend Over

Bend Over refers to a image macro series consisting of a character with a menacing-looking look on their face, captioned with "bend over". Rarity is the most popular subject, with many out-of-context still frames of her turned into examples of the meme.



Rarityquest is an exploitable image meme in which a still frame of Rarity rushing forward while casting a spell, from episode 23 of the first season, is photoshopped onto a variety of backgrounds.


Sparity refers to a popular ship within the MLP fandom in which Rarity and Spike, another major character in the series, are depicted as lovers. Due to Spike's crush on Rarity in the show, it was technically the only canonical ship until the introduction of Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls.

Search Interest

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