Shaggy, This Isn't Weed

Shaggy, This Isn't Weed

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Shaggy, This Isn't Weed refers to a series of photoshopped images of the character Fred Jones from the animated television series Scooby Doo: Where Are You? with another, distorted face edited onto his own. The picture is captioned "Shaggy, this isn't weed" implying that Fred had taken hallucinogenic substances. Online, people have posted variations of the picture, adding the catchphrase to other pieces of culture.


The earliest available example of the image was posted on November 16th, 2015 by Redditor [1] thiscontradiction. The post (shown below, left) received more than 14,000 points (79% upvoted) and 250 comments before archiving.

Later in the thread, one Redditor[2] explains that face is an illustration of Adalia Rose, a woman with the genetic disorder Progeria, which has been used on 4chan since as early as July 30th, 2012 (examples below, right)

SHAGGY THISISNT WEED File: 1343706666085.png-(209 KB, 416x408, a.png) Anonymous (ID: S9tv604g) 07/30/12(Mon)23:51:06 No.415813658 I'm gonna give out the transparent png for this Please be responsible! Anonymous (ID: Kf3Y8AYn) 07/30/12(Mon)23:51:45 No.415813812 File: 1343706705312 png-(11 KB, 416x408, b.png) WHAT THE FUCK AM I READINS


Several months later, Imgur [3] user stephenbalaban posted an image of person with the Google DeepDream generator-like generator Dreamscope. They captioned the photograph "Shaggy, This Isn't Weed." The post (shown below) received more than 3,900 views in two years.

SHAGGY THISISN'T WEED Made on Dreamscope

On January 30th, YouTuber Marshall Woodall published a video parody of Scooby Doo in which the characters are shown as distorted versions of themselves. The post (shown below, left) received more than 14,000 views.

Later that year, on April 26th, Drawception[4] player Ashleigh Rockingtin posted a illustrated version of the meme (shown below, right).

Thi weid

On December 15th, 2016, a deactivated Redditor[5] in the /r/coaxedintoasnafu subreddit posted an increasingly verbose variation of the image. The post (shown below) received more than 100 points (99% upvoted) in less than two years.

Shaggy, my dear pal, colleague and friend: it is with surprise that I find myself the bearer of alarming newSo Considering the chemically induced neurological effects L am currently experiencin I do not believe that the substance we have iust self-administered is in fact the tetrahydrocannabinol bearina flower offthe cannabis sativa plant colloquially known as weed amongst many other names No rather I am far more inclined to believe that the substance whose ga pyrolyzation products we have taken into our lungs, thereby absorbing them into our bloodstreams and thereby experiencina their effect on our synapses as psychedelic phenomena, is actually a psychoactive which presents a somewhat Similar appearance to cannabis sativa when prepared for smoking butis of vasy different qualities. This substance was most likely the leaves of the salvia divinorum, which is more commonly referred to as "salvial and whose effects are potentially terrifyina compared to those off the relatively mild 0 seous cannabis sativa. I feel great discomifort and concern as a result of this misha

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SCOOBY THIS ISN'T WEED this isn't weed Dexter CARTOON Courtney. This isn't weed
This isn't seaweed Patrick This isn't weed Rick SHAGGV TI'S SN'T WEED

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