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ClickHole is a parody website created by the satirical news site The Onion to mock viral content websites like UpWorthy and BuzzFeed.



On April 29th, 2014, The Onion announced a plan to launch a satirical viral content site named “ClickHole”[1] during its presentation at the Digital Content Newfronts conference. Slated for launch in June, the website originally featured an infographic with a tongue-in-cheek "stepy-by-step guide to clicking" and a “Click Me!” button with a real-time countdown to the launch date.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Clicking Step 1: Using your pointer, locate a link to a piece of content that you want to explore I. nye [ West occupies a : ar pl erica's popular culture, hav enclosure comprised o r a mesh ther Step 2: Locate the part of your mouse or trackpad that enables you to click. 2. Step 3: Click your content. 3.

Site Launch

ClickHole officially launched on June 12th, 2014 with a number of satirical BuzzFeed-style lists and celebrity gossip articles, including "16 Pictures of Beyonce Where She's Not Sinking in Quicksand" and "7 Pricks Who Defied the Odds and Didn't Go Into Finance." That day, Redditor RenaissanceGentleman submitted the site to the /r/InternetIsBeautiful[2] subreddit, where it received more than 6,700 upvotes and 340 comments in the first week.

CLICKHOLE a 0 0 the ONION AV CLUB ARTICLES VIDEOS QUIZZES BLOGS FEATURES HANGRT Reed Your WioStda Momenb CashHole PRESENTED BY ARTICLE 6 Heads You Never Realized Are Also On Mount Rushmore ARTICLE To 3 Or 4 ARTICLE 16 Pictures Of Beyoncé Where She's Not Sinking In Quicksand ARTICLE 9 Little-Known Holidays You'll Never Want To Miss Again


On May 17th, 2017, Clickhole rebranded as "PatriotHole," a site devoted to parodying hard-right media, in an article titled "Welcome To PatriotHole, The Only Viral Media Site Brave Enough To SCREAM About REAL Americans."[4] In the post, Clickhole describes Patriothole as "the internet’s last stand against the tyranny of the Leftist Media" vowed "to bravely follow the truth wherever we want it to go and share fringe bloggers who type the loudest AND the longest." Clickhole also adjusted its Twitter output to reflect the change. One popular post features a parody of Americans who demand foreigners speak English, gaining over 2,300 retweets (shown below).

CLICK ClickHole HOLE @ClickHole Following Got it? #PatriotHole That's-a spicy meat-a-ball! America we say That meatball is Sp1Cw. Learn ourlanguage or GET THE OUT!

On May 19th, Clickhole announced in another post[5] that they would drop the Patriothole gimmick as a rebrand but continue to post Patriothole content on the site. The launch of Patriothole was praised by media outlets including Wire,[6] Salon,[7] and AV Club.[8] One of the highlights of Patriothole is "Doug Baxter," a character made in parody of Alex Jones (example shown below).


On May 9th, 2018, Clickhole announced ResistanceHole, a new site devoted to parodying center-left liberals who style themselves as The Resistance against Donald Trump and engage in jokes like Drumpf and saying the president is is gay with Putin. Their first article is titled "Mr. Drumpf, Your Newest Nightmare Is A Website Called ResistanceHole."[9] The site launched with several articles previously written in its backlog, including one titled "Leading The Resistance: eBaum’s World Is Offering Exclusive Access To An Unreleased ‘Salad Fingers’ Episode For Anyone Who Brings Them The Scalp Of A Nazi"[10] and "Absolutely Perfect: The San Diego Zoo Just Totally Stuck It To Donald Trump By Putting An Orange Wig On A Giraffe And Blowing It Up With Dynamite."[11]


Online, ResistanceHole was met with enthusiasm by many. User @charles_kinbote tweeted their support of the site in a tweet that gained over 140 retweets and 1,000 likes (shown below, left). User and writer @GMPaiella tweeted "inject this directly into my bloodstream (shown below, right).

nuanced opinion guy @charles_kinbote Following This f------ rules, god bless the onion/clickhole/resistancehole forever NEWS After An Island-Wide Blackout Left Millions Of Puerto Ricans Without Power, This Amazing Charity Air- Dropped Printouts Of The Most Epic Trump Takedowns On Twitter 4/19/18 4:17pm Gabriella Paella @GMPaiella Following Inject this directly into my bloodstream RESISTANCEH LE Mr. Drumpf, Your Newest Nightmare Is A Website Called ResistanceHole Hey, Drumpf (a.k.a. President Donald Trump), don't get too cozy in the White House, because there is a new website that wants to kill you. It's called ResistanceHole,..

However, some Twitter users, particularly on Weird Twitter felt that the site was stealing jokes they had been making for years. Twitter user Jesse Farrar said the gag of the site was done by friends of his on the site before (shown below, left). User @juchemane called those defending The Onion for being "derivative" hypocritical (shown below, right).

jesse farrar , @BronzeHammer Following This is a very funny gag, which I liked slightly more when my friends @boring_as_heck and @lordbeef did it last week. ClickHole @ClickHole Mr. Drumpf, Your Newest Nightmare Is A Website Called SISTANCEH @ResistanceHole 3:13 PM-9 May 2018 19 Retweets 328 Likes OeGA9 nick @JucheMane Follow the same people who flip out on media organizations dally for being derivative and corny going to bat for the f------ onion is a riot 4:01 PM-9 May 2018


The site contains separate feeds for articles, videos, quizzes, blog posts and features, with a front page highlighting the most recent additions in each section. The quizzes typically mimic the format of those found on BuzzFeed (shown below, left), while videos are often presented to mock the social justice-oriented media featured on UpWorthy (shown below, right). Clickhole also has its own revenue stream through advertising on the site.

QUIZ Is Your Dad Proud Of You? Posted June 12, 2014 f LikeTweet EmailPin It Father's Day is coming up and it's time to honor the men who taught us everything we know about life! But do you know if your dad is really proud of you? Take this quiz to find out! 1. How many home runs have you hit in your life? 0-5 6-10 11-20 160, just like former all-star Major League Baseball player Pete Rose VIDEO This 43-Year-Old Man Won't Let Himself Be Defined By Barbie's Beauty Standards Posted June 16, 2014 EL Wire Sunglasses f Like y Tweet 콥 Email Pin it … TIM MORTENSON FLASHING BLINKYLIGHTS CONNECT WITH CLIC Sign up for our e-newsle Enter Email Address


Within one week of launch, ClickHole held a global rank of 39,350 and a United States rank of 4,180 on the traffic analytics site Alexa.[3]

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I like the idea of Patriothole but I'm concerned like every "comedy website that gets political" it's just going to attract… "those" people and become a leftist echo chamber cough cracked cough


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