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The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction website that was inspired from the game, Club Penguin. With around 5,487 Articles as of May 2012, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki has been considered to be one of the largest Club Penguin related websites around.


The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is part of the Club Penguin Wiki Network, which hosts several other Club Penguin related wiki. The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is the largest of all of these wikis, right after the factual Club Penguin Wiki itself.


While claiming to be the largest Club Penguin related Website in the world, the Fanon Wiki is a place where users may create their own characters and places in the Fanon Universe. Most characters tend to be original creations, although experienced users tend to make parody characters, places, events, or countries.

Unlike Club Penguin, which is just one island, the Fanon Universe consists of a whole civilization of Penguins and puffles that live in Antarctica or live in island nations that surround Antarctica, such as Club Penguin. In it, there are many different countries that have many different cultures and governments that correspond with each other- some violently, some peacefully.

Generally Speaking, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki produces G – PG content, although there are some stories that involve war and death. Nevertheless, the Fanon Wiki produces clean articles that are suitable for all ages.


Basically, the Fanon Wiki was formed in 2008 in Wikia by an anonymous user named Mariothemovie, who was also called Pearface. Later on, he quit, and his power of "Wiki Webmaster" was transferred to users Happyface and and Explorer, who co-shared the webmaster position until it was abolished by Wikia some time in 2008, the same time User:TurtleShroom permanently joined the sight. These three users, Happyface, Explorer, and TurtleShroom, greatly expanded and started the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki universe with many original characters and countries- some of them parodies. Many other users joined as well, leaving significant impacts on the fanon wiki.
In 2010, Wikia launched a new skin called "Oasis" that was planned to eliminate the orignal wiki skin called "Monaco", which most users enjoyed. Many of the users on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, as well as the Club Penguin Wiki, felt that Wikia's mandatory actions to remove the "Monaco" skin with the "Oasis" skin was just an incentive to increase Advertisements. Thus, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki joined with the Club Penguin Wiki to create the Club Penguin Wiki Network, a separate Wiki Network that were formed by Staff members Seahorse and Andrew. Seahorse eventually became the CEO of the Club Penguin Wiki network, making him the legal owner of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki as of today. Meanwhile, the move to the Club Penguin Wiki network was quite drastic for many of the users, which included many Server Errors that hindered the importing of the thousands of articles. Images had to be imported manually since the new wiki importer was not functioning correctly. Wikia refused to delete the original Fanon and Club Penguin Wiki sites due to the fact that they are "wikis of interest", even though they are mainly abandoned and are still home to inexperienced users and vandals. Eventually, the Fanon Wiki users had settled down and many of the users resumed to editing again while making more articles about characters, places, and stories. As of 2012, many of the original users have either quit or have become inactive, although not all. Also, because the Fanon and the Club Penguin Wiki are no longer part of Wikia, the amount of new users have completely dropped, although some new users still join.

Club Penguin Fanon Wiki Universe- Explained

At first sight, the organization of the Fanon Universe has been considered complicated and confusing to new users. As it has been said before, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki consists of a large society of nations and places that rather dwarf the small island of Club Penguin. The largest and largest populated landmass in the Fanon Universe is the continent of Antarctica. Here is a map of the known Fanon World below.

Club Penguin Island is the red dot located at the coast of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Now, the largest nation in the whole Antarctic (which is, the whole Fanon Universe, including the islands) is the United States of Antarctica, which takes up about 80% of the Antarctic Mainland, and it includes the states of the Antarctic Peninsula, Eastshield, Trans-Antarctica, the Polaris SAD, and the Happyface State. The United States of Antarctica is one of the first countries made on the Fanon Wiki. It also rules several islands in the Sub-Antarctic Region, including Club Penguin itself. It's capital is South Pole City. The United States of Antarctica, shortened as the USA, was created by User:Explorer, while User:Happyface created the Happyface State.

Then, there is Freezeland, a loose parody of Ireland that is home to an ancient species of Penguin, called High Penguins. The country of Freezeland was created by User:Triskelle, who was one of the first users to join after Happyface, Explorer, and Mariothemovie. The Small nation of Archet is also a High Penguin land created by User:Triskelle.

The "E" and "W" on the map represent the two nations of East and West Pengolia. They were created by User:TurtleShroom. East Pengolia is a Communist Nation of hard workers, while West Pengolia is a monarchy ruled by it's annoying leader, Penghis Khan.

Nearby Pengolia is UnitedTerra, a nation that was created by User:Ninjinian. It is considered to be the second most powerful nation in the Antarctic.

Then, the lands of "Regiao Lisboaguesa" and the "Frostize Enclave" are colony territories that belong to two nations in the Ninja Archipelago, a group of island located above the separate island of Waffleland. The Ninja Archipelago is the collective parody of Europe that contain several, but not all, Europe nation parodies.

Most of these country parodies are self-explanatory, although there are some original islands in this particular region. The Ninja Archipelago played a key role in shaping the culture and history of Antarctica as a whole.

Despite the Ninja Archipelago Nations, the USA, the two Pengolias, Freezeland, and UnitedTerra, there are also some smaller nations in the Antarctic, some more popular than the others. Within these nations, many stories of adventures and war occur.

Age Range

The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's "legal" limit is 13- an age considered to be pretty old for those who play Club Penguin. Nevertheless, many users have joined the Fanon Wiki as young as 10 or 12. There are a good amount of Users who have quit Club Penguin have ended up in the Fanon Wiki as editors. Most of the admins do not really care what age a user is, as long as they behave maturely and do not annoy or offend anyone. Nevertheless, there are also some older users that typically COULD range from 13-17. The Wiki's oldest known user is age 18. He sparingly comes on the wiki and only for the duty of patrolling it. He has been on the Fanon for over 4 years. Users over the age of 20 are practically unheard of and are not quite suited to be active editors/users for this site, yet all ages are welcome to read the Fanon Wiki's content.

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