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/mlp/ is the main board on 4chan for discussions related to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show and franchise. Along with Equestria Daily, it is one of the largest pony-related social hubs for "bronies", adult fans of the show, on the internet.


The board was created in 2012[2] in order to provide a contained location for 4chan's growing brony populace to converse over their shared interest in the franchise. The decision to create /mlp/ was heavily influenced by a strong upwards trend of pony-related threads and posts on multiple boards, especially /co/ and /b/ (illustrated on graph below).

POSTS PER DAY IN PONY THREADS 6000 5500 5000 4000 3500 3000 2500. 2000 1500 1000.. 500 10 10

Board Culture


I Want to Cum Inside Rainbow Dash

I Want to Cum Inside Rainbow Dash



Trollestia / Molestia / Tyrant Celestia

Trollestia / Molestia / Tyrant Celestia

Bend Over

Bend Over



Fluffy Ponies

Fluffy Ponies

/mlp/ Characters

/mlp/ has developed a variety of characters that have become key parts of the board's culture,

The Milkmare of Trottingham

The Milkmare of Trottingham originally started out as a drawfriend's OC on tumblr, gaining a huge following on /mlp/ around November 2012. The Milkmare, who is a pony with breasts on her underside, has evolved into a long series of questionable greentext stories and vector art, and, while most often seen as questionable, "Milky Way", as she is named, has been occasionally used in a humorous safe for work fashion. Following the ban storm of /mlp/, posting Milky Way became a bannable offense, and those who wished to post her moved to MLPChan.

Tracy Cage

Tracy Cage is a sky blue pony with Nicholas Cage's face as a cutie mark. Her rise to popularity came unintentionally from a thread centered around input on one guy's OC. Tracy is depicted as dark and edgy, while not being eerie or too overly gruesome. Her legacy was cemented thanks to one dedicated Anon drawfriend who created a massive amount of fanart for her.

Come on quus. cant we just all love and toler


Aryanne is a snow-white pony with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cutie mark consisting of a red heart with a pink swastika inside of it. Considered to be the ponification of Nazi Germany or Nazism in general, she is seen as an example of /pol/ culture influencing /mlp/.

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External References

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