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Rumble is an internet video-hosting and streaming platform first launched in 2013 by Chris Pavlovski as an alternative to YouTube. The platform is prominently used among many American conservative and right-wing users, with creators such as Andrew Tate, LeafyIsHere and Sean Hannity gathering large followings on the site over the years. Rumble experienced a large influx of usage during the COVID-19 pandemic and has steadily been gathering users since.


On October 30th, 2013, Canadian tech entrepreneur Chris Pavlovski launched Rumble as an alternative for smaller independent YouTube creators. The platform initially started out primarily hosting news clippings and viral videos but received increased attention from conservative right-wing users after the year 2019 due to an influx of content creators who were unhappy with YouTube, banned or unable to find an audience on more mainstream video platforms.[1]


Rumble is a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube or Vimeo. The website's home layout displays various recommended video tiles and shows featured channels on a bar to the left. The website also has an "Earnings" tab that allows users to generate revenue from their videos. User-uploaded videos are licensed to Rumble's partners such as Yahoo! and Microsoft News, and the earnings made from this licensing are granted to the user directly.[2]

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Rumble's policies outline the site's restrictions on pornography, harassment, racism, antisemitism, copywriter infringement and illegal content.[3] Rumble's official corporate website also contained a quote from Pavlovski in which he said the website is "immune to cancel culture."[14]


As of August 2022, Rumble reported 78 million monthly active users.[12] The Rumble app's downloads spiked after Andrew Tate joined the platform later that month after being banned from various other social media websites.[13]

Online Presence

Prevalence Among Conservative Creators

Some early adopters of Rumble before the year 2022 include Dan Bongino,[4] various anti-vaxers banned from YouTube,[5] and Dinesh D’Souza.

On February 20th, 2021, Twitter[6] user @DonaldJTrumpJr posted a tweet that read, "Free-speech is fundamentally American, yet because of Big Tech we are losing it rapidly. Algorithms designed to crush the voice conservatives sounds more like China than America. / Check out my video content on Rumble where a level playing field exists!" The post gathered over 20,000 likes in two years (seen below, left). On June 4th, 2021, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA posted a tweet[8] about Rumble, gathering over 3,000 likes in two years (seen below).

Donald Trump Jr. @Donald TrumpJr Free-speech is fundamentally American, yet because of Big Tech we are losing it rapidly. Algorithms designed to crush the voice conservatives sounds more like China than America. Check out my video content on Rumble where a level playing field exists! Why I'm Posting On Rumble Now - We Need Free Speech! We need free speech now more than ever. Happy to be here with y'all on a platform that actually values it! 8:46 AM. Feb 20, 2021 4,330 Retweets 222 Quotes 20.4K Likes 50 Bookmarks Charlie Kirk Cora @charliekirk11 Today we got 5 times the amount of concurrent live viewers while streaming on Rumble than we got streaming on YouTube. The tech companies and oligarchs declared war on us and our values. They will lose this fight eventually. It will be tough and nasty, but we will win. 2:11 PM Jun 4, 2021 ● ... 599 Retweets 30 Quotes 3,405 Likes 4 Bookmarks

In June 2021, Donal Trump announced his joining the platform, with his first video being a livestream of a rally in Ohio. The news prompted Parler founders to criticize Rumble for seemingly updating their terms of use to ban racism and antisemitism around the same time.[7]

On August 25th, 2022, Rumble's official Twitter[9] account posted a clip from a Tucker Carlson interview with Andrew Tate, in which Tate says, "This is just the beginning of a mass exodus." The tweet gathered over 9,000 likes in eight months (seen below).

On April 24th, 2023, former YouTuber LeafyIsHere posted a tweet[10] linking to his Rumble account in a post that gathered over 4,000 likes in four days (seen below, left). Also on April 24th, Twitter[11] user @itspatsworld posted a tweet calling for Tucker Carlson to move to Rumble, gathering over 4,000 likes in four days (seen below, right).

Leafy @LeafyIsHere if he blocks me on rumble i quit andrew tate is broke tell him to unblock me 7:36 PM. Apr 24, 2023 461.4K Views 261 Retweets 73 Quotes 4,599 Likes 194 Bookmarks Pat's World @itspatsworld Tucker Carlson has been fired from FOX News 'Effective immediately'. First Bongino, now Tucker? RIP Fox News. I've heard his next gig may be a deal with Rumble or NewsMax. This is not the end of Tucker, but it is for Fox News. I am done with Fox. Rest in Peace Fox News. FREE SPEECH FOX SOME GROUPS ARE WORKING HARD TO KILL THIS SHOW NEWS LIVE TUCKER CARLSON tonight. #Tucker OR INJURIES... FAA SPOX SAYS CREWS ARE INVESTIGATING AIRCRAFT /FOX NEWS SECY OF STATE MIN 1:51 PM . Apr 24, 2023 554.9K Views : un


An August 22nd Reuters article compared Rumble to its nearest competitors and noted that the platform had the most funding and use, ahead of Odysee and BitChute.The article also noted the widespread misinformation taking place on the platform.[16]

According to NewsGuard, a media analytics platform that rates the credibility of news sites, almost half the search results on Rumble related to the 2022 election came from sources rated as "untrustworthy." NewsGuard also called the platform "hoax central."[15]

Search Interest

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On the one hand, I'm all in favor of alternatives and competition.

On the other hand, once a site has gained a reputation as a stronghold for a certain type of people (no matter their politics/hobbies/etc), it's very difficult for it to lose that reputation. It's basically a self-fulfilling prophecy. People who aren't that type of people will avoid it because they don't want to associate with those people, while people who are that type will flock to it because they can expect to be more welcomed.


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