other game leaks: crying wojak with a smiling mask one saying "hahaha this character dies 5 hours in" and a crying soyjak screaming nooooo | sonic leaks: nordic gamer saying the game will be shit and another nordic gamer answering we know

Soyjaks vs. Chads

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Soyjaks vs. Chads refers to a Wojak Comic format in which various subjects are compared via conversations between Soyjaks and between two Chads. In the format, Soyjaks get disappointed about certain something, while Chads accepts failings and drawbacks of their subject of discussion or laugh at them.


On April 12th, 2020, Redditor[1] Nichijoke posted a meme that compared reactions to spoilers of the fans of the slice-of-life anime series Nichijou and other animes, presenting the fans as Chads and Soyjaks. The post received 36 upvotes in one month (shown below).

Other anime spoiler : hahaha this character will die on episode 9 nooo00000000 Nichijou spoiler : /Nichijou Yuuko will drop her sausage on episode 1 Lmao


In late April 2020 the post received further spread on Facebook; for example, an April 27th repost by user Luis Raouf[2] received over 440 reactions and 1,300 shares in three weeks.

On May 2nd, 2020, Facebook[3] page An Actual Somewhat Active Yui Page posted a K-ON! version of the meme, gaining over 1,400 reactions and 2,000 shares (shown below, left). The format received further spread in Facebook anime meme communities in the following days; for example, on May 5th, 2020, Facebook[4] page Robot-Robotan posted a Gundam meme based on the format which received over 150 reactions and 80 shares (shown below, right).

Other anime spoiler : hahaha this character will die on episode 9 noooo0000000 K-ON!! Spoiler : Mugi eats Mio Strawberry on episode 14 Lmao Other anime spoiler : hahaha this character noooo0000000 will die on episode 9 Victory Gundam spoiler: hahaha this character will die on episode 9 Lmao

On May 8th, 2020, Twitter[5] user @deepsyeco posted Sonic the Hedgehog meme based on the format which referenced a massive spoiler leak for The Last of Us Part II and gained over 1,500 retweets and 10,500 likes in one week (shown below, left). On May 9th Twitter[6] user @Duke_Fishron_ responded with another Sonic the Hedgehog edit of the meme, gaining over 120 retweets and 990 likes (shown below, right). On the same day, Twitter[7] user @tippitytoptweet reposted @Duke_Fishron_'s edit, gaining over 7,000 retweets and 47,800 likes in one week.

Other game leaks.' hahaha this character dies 5 hours in nooooooooooo Sonic Leaks: Other game leaks.' hahaha this character dies 5 hours in nooooooooooo Sonic Leaks: the game will be s---

On the same day, the latter edit was reposted on Facebook[8] (740 reactions and 2,700 shares) and iFunny[9] (55,100 likes).

Following the viral spread of the post, the Other Game Leaks version of the format received significant spread on Facebook and Twitter. For example, on May 11th, 2020, Facebook[10] page Football Autista Memes II posted a FIFA meme that received over 440 reactions and 110 shares in four days. On May 12th, 2020, Twitter[11] user @DonLalo posted a Team Fortress 2 meme that gained over 970 retweets and 6,000 likes in three days.

The popularity of the format increased in the following months, peaking in July 2020, while the flexibility of both the setup and the punchlines increased. Most notably, starting in July 2020 the format was used for Girls vs. Boys.

Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. Boys, also known as Boys Are Quirky, refers to a genre of memes based on humorous comparison of the perceived behaviors of boys and girls in various scenarios. The trope gained significant presence with ironic When Teacher Says to Get Out of Class format in late 2018 and Boys Locker Room format in May 2019, with more sub-variations appearing through Summer 2019. In Summer 2020, Girls vs. Boys memes based on the Soyjaks vs. Chads format gained popularity.

Girls locker room: "PE. sucks" "I hate P.E." Bovs locker room: WORK HARD DREAM BIG. Girl's wallpaper Boy's wallpaper Hey isn't it weird how we live longer than men? Huh. weird ok so heres the plan. I shoot and we see if the garbage lid protects you Yep.

Time Travel: Is Invented / Men With a Time Machine

Time Travel: Is Invented and Men With a Time Machine refer a series of Girls vs. Boys memes that humorously compare imaginary scenarios in which women and men get access to a time machine. The jokes commonly utilize Soyjaks vs. Chads and Running Arnold Schwarzenegger meme formats.

Women with a time machine Really? I am your granddaughter Men with a time machine 32 AUV Pewdiepie! He is hiding Thank you behind the car! Time travel: *is invented* Girls: Yes i can relive the best moment with my ex. Вoys: Don't go to the senate Julius fck u Brutus Time travel: *is invented* Girls: Yes, I can relive the best moments with my ex. Boys: No, Harambe, get away from that kid!

Various Examples

Other game leaks: hahaha this character dies 5 hours in noooooooo00 Fromsoft game leaks: The Game will We know Include swamps Other game leaks: : hahaha this character dies 5 hours in noooo0000000 Team Fortress 2 Leaks: there is not going to be another major update we know video game's LEAKS: pay to play lootboxes nooooo000000 GAS LEAKS: I'm dizzy We're going to die
Other anime spoiler : hahaha this character nooo0000000 will die on episode 9 spoiler : Star Wars Leaks Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter nooooooo0000 Fast & Furious leaks Dude what is a The story is s--- story i'm 5 Playstation game leaks: hahaha this character dies 5 hours in nooooo0o0000 Apple Leaks: the new iPhone will be the same s--- as the last one but more expensive shut up and take my money


hahaha nooo00000000 Girls: Вoys:

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in reply to poochyena

Funny that you try to "Le Expose" said guy by pointing out that he liked the meme 4 days ago. Again, read what he said.
" Leave it to reddit to take one good joke/meme and somehow find a way to turn that into a exploitable with the exact same punchline for 100 out of 110 derivatives off of it."
He just flat out said he liked the meme, what he doesn't like is how people drove it into the ground after only 4 days.


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