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Still Beat Tho

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Still Beat Tho is a slang phrase used by men in arguments with women that they've had sex with. It is genuinely regarded as the ultimate comeback to any insult a woman could use against a man she's had sex with, implying that despite the man's flaws, the woman still slept with him.


The phrase has its origins on Black Twitter. Some of the earliest known uses of the phrase came from user @OfficiallyIce. On July 29th, 2011, he quoted a Twitter user who was quoting the lyrics to "FU Right Back" by R&B artist Frankee about how her ex boyfriend was bad at sex. @OfficiallyIce added "Nigga still beat tho" (shown below, left). Nearly a year later, he pointed out the power of the comeback (shown below, right).

Ice @Officiallylce Follow Nigga still beat tho RT @LyssaHoney: "F*ck all those nights, you thought you broke my back. Well guess what yo, your sex was wack." 2:01 PM-29 Jul 2011 Ice @Officiallylce Follow "Chick: You broke. Dude: My broke ass still beat tho." see? Every time. 1:23 AM-29 Mar 2012


The phrase continued seeing use in the following years in a similar manner. For example, user iDntWearCondoms tweeted a meme with the phrase in October of 2016, gaining 100 retweets and likes (shown below, left). In December of 2017, user @AskTrillAC posted a picture of an NFL referee with the phrase, gaining over 280 retweets and likes (shown below, right).

duRANT @iDntWearCondoms Follow Still beat tho RT @starlitup: gentlemen.. pay attention. IF YOU HAVE TO ASK A WOMAN IF YOU MADE HER CUM. YOU DIDT Instagram asktrillac @AskTrillAC Follow "l still beat tho.."

The phrase began growing more popular in the summer of 2018, becoming a meme used in multiple different ways. For example, on August 2nd, 2018, Twitter user @AlrightIGetIt posted a picture of a scientist with a caption about the phrase, gaining over 14,000 retweets and 28,000 likes (shown below, left). On the same day, user @Pluto_eg posted a parody Yu-Gi-Oh! card for the phrase, gaining over 500 retweets (shown below, right). The same day, the phrase was added to Urban Dictionary.[1]

miles @AlrightlGetit Follow "Men are trash" hit the TL like a plague taking niggas out all across the globe, but we worked tirelessly fighting back anyway we knew how and finally we found a cure "l still beat" not since the Polio vaccine have we seen such strides in modern technology 5:30 PM - 2 Aug 2018 The InfAmous Pluto v Follow @Pluto_Eg Due to popular demand I've created the "I Still Beat" card. Use it wisely, men. Bless up TRAP STILL BEAT 民 [TRAP CARD] Completely redirects all negative female criticisms of a man by reflecting it back at the female who casted it, thus exposing their poor taste in men. Even if he's broke, spent 2:44 PM - 2 Aug 2018

Around the same time, the phrase saw use in the anime community, as people inserted it into videos of fighting scenes as an object labeling meme. User @Kevinstein_ paired an argument with a scene from Dragon Ball, gaining over 120 retweets and over 1.6 million views (shown below, top). User @pattytrills used the phrase in a clip from My Hero Academia, gaining over 400 retweets (shown below, bottom).

The spread of the phrase was inquired about on /r/OutOfTheLoop[2] on August 5th, 2018.

Various Examples

Im trash tho Follow @KingJbel How i sleep knowing i still beat tho 10:15 PM-29 Jul 2018 Rest On Ava @Rays_anatomy Follow Her: your dick little and you can't last longer than a minute. You ugly as shh, broke, and ain't got shh going for you. You a deadbeat that don't take care of ya kids and ya hairline been missing since '06. Me: cool, I still beat tho GIF 3:32 PM-29 Jul 2018 YQ @YQ H Follow "I still beat tho"- a short film I still beat tho 2,576 views 0:04/0:16 8:11 PM-3 Aug 2018 Follow @RNB215 A live look at hurt twitter trying to find a plausible rebuttal to "I still beat tho" GIF 12:04 PM - 2 Aug 2018 Cobi. @ThatFunnyGuy9 Follow "I still beat tho" is a generation defining movement 05 Niggas aint shit 0:29 1,597 views 2:13 PM - 3 Aug 2018 Black Ranger @MrNewYork Follow Chi chi: You always dying,you don't got no job, all you do is eat Goku: I still beat tho 2:16 PM - 4 Aug 2018

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[1] Urban Dictionary – Still Beat Tho

[2] Reddit – /r/OutOfTheLoop

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