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American Dad!

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american dad family
Category: Subculture Status: Confirmed Year: 2005 Origin: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman Region:
Type: Cartoon,
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american dad family


American Dad! is an American animated television sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman. The show follows the Smith family, which is led by Stan Smith, a CIA agent, as well as Roger an alien and Klaus, a talking goldfish.


American Dad! premiered on February 6th, 2005. The show ran on the Fox broadcasting network for the first 10 seasons, from 2005 to 2013. In 2013, Fox announced that the show's cancellation. The cable network TBS, which aired American Dad! reruns, picked up the show, airing later season.[1]


American Dad! received mixed or average reviews based on 22 critic reviews on the review aggregator Metacritic.[2] The show received a score of 43 on the site. The most positive review, Keith Staskiewicz writing for Entertainment Weekly said, "[Both first episodes are] funny enough on their own, although taken together they reveal how easily the show's formula can be read after being on the air for so long." Jonathan Storm from The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the show its most negative review, which reads, "The only fun is in trying to enumerate how many ways it's offensive."


The @AmericanDadTBS Twitter [3] acocunt launched in August 2011. As of May 2020, the page has more than 729,000 followers. On June 3rd, 2008, the American Dad Facebook [4] account launched. The page has more than 15 million likes and followers as of May 2020.

American Dad Newspaper

American Dad Newspaper is a three-panel exploitable that features American Dad protagonist Stan Smith picking up a newspaper, reading its text, then doing a backflip. What Smith reads is changed in the edits.

IT'S OKAY TO LIKE TRAPS This is for the person living across the street, please launch it with your feet ow do I rotate text in mspaint

American Dad Speedruns

American Dad Speedruns refers to a subset of American Dad theme song parody videos which parody the video game speedrunning community. The videos feature "players" who act as though they are exploiting glitches in the American Dad theme song sequence to shorten its length as though it were a video game, though the trick is achieved with video-editing software. Commenters on the videos will play into the parody by suggesting further potential exploits and encouraging the "runner."

American Dad Intro But Stan Doesn't Wake Up

American Dad Intro But Stan Doesn't Wake Up refers to an edited version of the American Dad animated TV series intro in which main character Stan Smith keeps lying in bed instead of enthusiastically jumping out of it. The clip has been used as a reaction to convey feelings of not being impressed or excited, similar to Sleeping Shaq meme.

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Tags: fox, tbs, seth macfarlane, mike barker, matt weitzman, keith staskiewicz, jonathan storm, stan smith,

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