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Happy Appy [1] is a creepypasta story about a gory show depicting an talking apple named "Happy Appy", which supposedly aired on Nickelodeon and taught kids how to handle certain injuries. At first, it seems normal, however, after a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse.

The story purports that after its eighth and final episode, Nickelodeon removed all traces of the show airing. According to the blogger in the story, the last episode depicted events of 9/11/2001, even though it aired in 1999.


On February 23rd, 2011, an unknown user on the Creepypasta Wiki uploaded entries from a unknown blog called "Happy Appy", often talking about his experiences watching the show.

Hello. I will be using you because I am discovering about a show called Happy Appy.

Sometime during 1999, Nickelodeon aired a new show on their Nick Jr. morning block, called Happy Appy. It sounds like some nursery rhyme that a babysitter would sing, but it wasn't. It was a short show (10 minutes), and was normally played in duets, making each episode 20 minutes, plus commercials. A month after it premiered, it was pulled off the air, and was never aired again (even its nicer episodes). However, some parents did record the show, but they were VHS copies.

But of those VHS copies, only some VHS copies survived. However, what was really rare was an intact DVD copy of any episode. I was one of the lucky ones that had a DVD copy. Yesterday, when I did some spring cleaning recently (okay, winter-spring cleaning, but who cares), I found some old DVDs, with sharpie on them. They read HA 1-10. I did some research by using Google, and on ROBLOX (Unfortunately), I found out that those were the initials for Happy Appy. In the replies, they said that there are no DVD copies around, which is false, because I have some copies.

So I decided to put them into the disk drive, praying for them to work. Well, they did, and they instantly cut to the intro. By the way, I really haven't described the show, haven't I? There is this giant clay apple with hands and feet, being held up by a rusty bent stick. He helped children when they got hurt. But as the show progressed, it just got creepier. Like, death-stare-and-evil-smile creepier. However, they did change the stick to a non-rusted, but still bent stick. By the 8th episode, he wasn't even a clay model. He looked like he was CG, but he wasn't. Probably a very good animation? To describe more about the colors of Happy Appy, his eyes were dark blue, his mouth was dark green, and he had a leaf on his head. His intro song had the same tune as Mary Had a Little Lamb. It went something like this:
Happy Appy Appy App,

Happy App (said two times)

Happy Appy Appy App,

he helps kids all day!

Repeated three times. Anyway, enough with that. Let's describe the actual show episodes.

Episode 1 and 2 were called “Happy's Vacation” and “Hurt Happy”, respectively. Happy's Vacation was exactly what you thought; Happy going on vacation, and helping injured kids at the beach. Hurt Happy was Happy getting hurt, and the kids helping him, by giving him bandaids and fruit (Which is weird, because they give him a apple in one part). Nothing seemed out of place when I first saw it, but when I saw it a second time, it looked very odd. While Happy was driving his van in Happy's Vacation, some frames were skipped. I ignored it, saying that it could be a scratched DVD. But when I checked it, it wasn't scratched.

Also, I noticed some out of place objects in Hurt Happy. In Happy's Van, there was what looked like the border of the HOPE poster. Also, the radio plays a country music-esque version of "Hot and Cold", which was made in 2008 and very out-of-place for a kid's show. I thought those were just coincidence. Well, I was wrong. Episode 3 and 4 were stranger. One moment that could send chills down anyone's spine was the "Booboo scene" in Episode 4. Happy aids a child that has a bruise on his knee. He looks to the camera, death stare on face, and says "What does Nate (I think that was his name. It wasn't Kevin) need for this booboo?".

For 30 seconds, he stared at the camera, motionless. His dark blue soulless eyes locking on with anyone watching. Finally, he spoke; "That's right! A bandaid!" Why did he need that long to speak, I don't know. The intros were cut out, and the main episodes were missing a few scenes. On Episode 3, 05:12 is when he does his first death stare/evil smile. For 30 seconds. It was somewhat eerie. Also, the OoP objects were getting more noticeable. There was a news broadcast about a tsunami that recently struck Japan. Happy said "Oh no! If you want to help the Japanese, call this number!" and a 1-800 number was listed
I watched Episode 5. First off, it had Happy on his new stick. This episode was very violent. In the episode, Appy was doing his trademark death stare and smile for half the show. Afterwards, he helped 2 children, the first one he took out of sight behind a bush. Blood is seen from the bush and screams are heard. The other kid waits for Appy, then he's seen emerging from the back of her then it skips frames, next thing I see is a blood trail leading to another bush and Appy doing that DAMN smile!

Episode 6 showed Appy doing a death stare but it was hardly viewable. Then, it went static it for the rest of the show. I couldn't believe it.

I moved on to Episode 7-8. This time, the episodes were so violent, so badly made that they couldn't have been aired on Nick. Episode 7 had Appy take a kid into his van. Flesh cutting could be heard, and so could blood splatters on the windows and screams, which turned into gurgles. Then, he emerged, doing a death stare and smile from 09:21 to the end of the show, or 10:00. Like I said, 8 had him be a CGish monster. But this episode was so coincidental, I couldn't believe Nick would even allow it.
It starts out with Appy going around the playground, telling kids about the cycle of life. By cycle of life, I meant frogs and plants. The kids then said "Thanks, Happy!" But then, smoke creeped behind Happy, so Happy and the kids turned around. Two towers (9/11 mentioned in 1999) were burning up, with people falling off.
a lot of screaming, fire, and a crashed airplane, the tail could be seen sticking out of one of the towers. I could hear a faint whining noise, and I think that it was the plane. Then, a piece broke off, hitting and possibly killing someone. When the kid asked "Appy, what are the towers doing?", it cut to a kid that was stuck under a huge metal piece, crying for help. Some other kids tried to help him. He was screaming so loud, it was almost heartbreaking. There was blood everywhere, and the fear on his face was so realistic, I cringed. Appy turned to the camera, and just like the photo in the top-right hand corner, said these 3 words: "That's natural, children." He then dragged them away, leaving the trapped kid screaming.
I jumped out of my seat. Was Appy a deathbringer of some sort? Or was he a master predictor? I had to continue. Episodes 9-10 were up.

Oh, and you want to know what happened when I called the phone number? Tomorrow, I decided that I would call it.

At the same time, MrCreepypasta uploaded several videos consisting the information the unknown blogger experienced.


On Tumblr, the page called Happyappysecrets [3] was created.

On April 6, 2012, SandwichandCereal hid a poster depicting Happy Appy in his video "Our Residents are trying to nap".

On June 15, 2015, the Happy Appy story resurged in popularity after a recreation of the eighth episode was uploaded to YouTube by the user Creepypasta Archives. It was the only video uploaded to the channel.

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