Lamia / Naga

Lamia / Naga

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Lamias, also known as Nagas, are a Monster Girl type composed an human torso and the tail of a snake. The popularity of lamias grew significantly following the releases of the Monster Girl Quest eroge- and Monster Musume manga series.


In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating demon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet, referring to her habit of devouring children. Some tales say that Lamia merely has snake's skin around certain parts of here body, whereas other tales claim she has a serpent's tail below the waist. The latter description of her is largely due to Lamia, a poem by John Keats composed in 1819.[1]


Amongst fans of the monster girl genre, lamias are often considered the most popular type of monster girl and frequently used to represent the genre. Although other types of monster girls, such as Catgirls and Foxgirls, have more spread compared to lamias, fans of the Monster Girl genre often consider those exceptions to the rule. This is due to their close resemblance to humans, unlike other monster girls such as lamias. The lamia's entry in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia[8] describes the species as extremely intelligent and individualistic, living stealthily with their own kind in small villages or near settlements. They often lurk alongside roads, waiting for a man to pass by to charm them with their magic.

Lamia Lamia Family Reptile Type DispositionStrong-willed Diet...arnivorous, wild animals etc. Monsters with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake Highly intelligent and individualistic, some form villages of their own kind while others slip into human villages and live there. Those that live in lamia-only villages (the so-called "wild lamia") lurk around places that humans pass through such as highways and mountain trails. Keeping under cover so that only their human upper body is visible, a lamia will entice passing human men In this situation, her sweet voice filled with powerful magic will echo in a man's mind, carrying intense heat. Due to this, an enthralled man will stagger towards the lamia, and she will then copulate with him after wind ing her serpentine body tightly around him to rob his body of freedom. Even at this stage, her voice will continue to charm the man, and additional- ly, after coiling around his body, she will begin to whisper alluring words in his ears. Aman will even feel that her serpentine body is attractive, and he'll surrender himself to her. After this, if she is pleased with him, he will be forcibly taken away to her village and made into her husband They're tenacious, and once they get a man, they'll coil their body around him and not let go. Additionally, they're also deeply jealous. If a lamia's husband cheats on her after they become a couple, she'll constrict his entire body, and he will be thoroughly violated whether he likes it or not until his head becomes full of thoughts of her. All lamia go through a fixed cycle of shedding. Like a molting snake, a lamia casts off the skin of her lower body. Caution is necessary: immediately after shedding, a lamia will be in a state of extreme lust. Ifa man carelessly approaches her in this state, she'll coil around him with her freshly molted body and thoroughly copulate with him until her arousal subsides. On this occasion, she will be so sensitive that's it's like her entire body has become an erogenous zone, and she'll wrap every inch of herself around a man and enjoy pleasure with her entire body

Lamias have a significant following on various online communities. As of June 22nd, 2015, DeviantART brings up over 28,000 and 86,000 when searching for respectively 'Lamia'[2] and 'Naga'.[9] As of the same date, the image sharing boards Danbooru[3] and Monster Girl Booru[4] each hold over 1,100 images tagged as 'lamia', which in the case of Danbooru equals roughly 10% of the total images tagged as 'Monster Girl'[5] on the site with 11,000. The 4chan archive also features over 42,500 results for 'lamia'.[6] And the r/Lamia sub-Reddit[7] has over 1,200 subscribers.



Snake Cloaca refers to the posterior opening at the end of a snake's tail that is used for intestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts. As fanart of lamias often places the reproductive organ on the human part of the body, pointing out the snake's anatomically correct opening. It has become a common form of shitposting similarly to Puffy Vulva.

SNAKE CLOACA 0 S-s-nake C-cloaca

Notable Characters


Miia is a nymphomaniac lamia featured in the comedy-romance manga Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (モンスター娘のいる日常 or Daily Life with Monster Girl). In the manga, Miia is the primary and initially only heroine who lives together with the protagonist, Kimihito Kurusu, and as such is featured the most in the series.


Alice is a lamia from the popular monster girl eroge series Monster Girl Quest. In the series, Alice joins the protagonist, Luka, in his quest and as such is the primary monster girl with the most appearances. Unlike the countless other monster girls featured in the games, Alice eventually becomes a central part of the story.

Search Interest

Search Interest for the Lamia-type monster girl starts to grow in December 2012, which matches the release of the sequel of Monster Girl Quest on December 16th of that year.

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