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Monster Girl Quest

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Monster Girl Quest video game title cover showing numerous characters from the series.
Monster Girl Quest video game title cover showing numerous characters from the series.
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Monster Girl Quest!, also known as Monmusu Quest! or MGQ for short, is a 2011 eroge video game series developed by Japanese company ToroToro Resistance. The game is an RPG and visual novel hybrid that features different types of Monster Girls following the tales of Luka’s journey to becoming a hero while defeating various female monsters. The game subsequently spawned memes, such as Hora Hora and Touch Fluffy Tail that reference various in-game elements.


Monster Girl Quest was developed by Torotoro Resistence and the game is said to be partly inspired by The Monster Girl Encyclopedia and various other works involving the Monster Girl genre. The first two chapters in the Monster Girl Quest series were both released in 2011, with the first chapter released on March 9th and the sequel on December 16th.[5][6] The final chapter was released on June 1st, 2013.[7]

犯 D願望を叶え !

All three chapters of the game were developed in Japanese, without having an official translation for any other languages, but after each game's release, certain fans worked to create translations of the game so that it could be played in other languages. The most popular translation comes from user Rogue Translator, who created English translations for all three games in the trilogy within a few months of their release.


The story follows the journey of Luka, a boy who believes in the possibility of coexistence between humans and monsters. Meanwhile, the goddess of Luka and the rest of their world, called Ilias, commands her worshipers to slay the lord of the monsters and monster girls. Luka, contrary to his goddess' commands, wishes for there to be peace as the monsters and humans have been in constant on-and-off wars for a thousand years.

Thanks to a certain chain of events, Luka meets Alice, a lamia monster girl who decides to join Luka in his quest, as they both aim to bring coexistence to the monster world. In the game, Luka travels to various countries while fighting a wide range of monster girls along the way, ultimately learning that the situation isn't as black and white between the humans and monsters as he initially thought. Alongside his journey, the story reveals several plot twists, and the truths behind the events that led to Luka's journey are eventually revealed.


Many different Japanese artists worked together to create the visuals for the game, including
Arekishi, D AM, Delphinus, Épée, frfr, Irodori, Iwashi no Atama, Jingai Modoki, Kenkou Cross, Masha, Setoushi, Silk, Thomas, UN_DO and Xelvy. Many of these artists have previously done art in the Monster Girl genre, with Kenkou Cross being the artist and author of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia (shown below).

onster Girl Encyclopedia I R-18 ABUET ONLY ワロビネガ

Monster Girl Quest Paradox

Monster Girl Paradox is a newer trilogy announced by Totoro Resistance in 2015.[10] The game takes place in an alternate universe to the original trilogy, featuring new elements in its gameplay inspired by older JRPGs such as the Mother series. The first part was released on March 14th, 2015, the second on June 23rd, 2017, and the final chapter still in development as of early 2021.


Hero is a crowdfunded three-dimensional adaptation of Monster Girl Quest, which is being produced by NtelliwareGames with permission of Torotoro Resistance.[9] The Kickstarter[8] campaign ran from March 7th, 2013, to April 6th, 2013, managing to raise $10,068 out of the original $5,000 goal. Initially believed to be released in March 2014, the game has since met constant delays and still hasn't been released.



The Monster Girl Quest games were received well amongst players and is often jokingly called "The Game of the Year of All Years" by fans. The third game in the trilogy, Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3, was nearly voted as Kotaku's Game of the Year for 2013, despite the votes for it supposedly being a prank.[4] Due to the game's punishment system for losing, which results in Luka getting assaulted or devoured by a monster girl, it is often a subject of parody in memes. The cause of this is that during fights, the player is also allowed to surrender and trigger the scene, leading to many players frequently using the option during new encounters.

Various Fan Art

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Hora Hora

Hora Hora is a catchphrase used by a few of the main monster girl characters featured in Monster Girl Quest, however, the phrase became mainly associated with the supporting character Alice. In the games, one of Alice's characteristics is having the verbal tick “Hora, Hora, Hora,” which became especially notable during the sex scenes with Luka.

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Touch Fluffy Tail

Touch Fluffy Tail is an action the player can perform in the first installment of the game when faced against Tamamo, one of the Four Heavenly Knights. If the player chooses to touch Tamamo's tail, Luka will succumb to the fluffiness and lose. In comparison to the average "game over" resulting in being assaulted and devoured by a monster girl, succumbing to a fluffy tail stood out to many players, resulting in Tamamo often being associated with the option in fan art or memes.

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On May 21st, 2012, songwriter Ken Ashcorp created a song titled "Touch Fluffy Tail" (shown below), which had its lyrics inspired by the Monster Girl Quest games. The video accumulated over 1.7 million views on YouTube in just three years (seen below).

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