Cow Girls / Cow Bikini / Touch the Cow

Cow Girls / Cow Bikini / Touch the Cow

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Cow Girls are a type of Monster Girl popular in the Anime/Manga and Furry communities. This label applies to characters that present cow-like characteristics like horns, a tail, cow print clothes and/or big breasts. These type of characters are common in monster girl related media like Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Monster Girl Quest, Monster Musume, and other fantasy series.


Cow girls are extremely popular in online art communities like DeviantArt, Furaffinity and Pixiv, where the term gets 35,000, 11,000 and 740 results respectively, including Fan Art and cosplays.


MELO19 飲みますカ? milk Touch the COW Do it now. YOU vOULONT PUT UBEHEAOPA

Touch the Cow Do It Now

On November 30th, 2014 DeviantArt and Tumblr user Matsu-sensei[1] released a drawing (shown below left) of his original characters Mattie and Matt reenacting a scene from a children's book. Months later he released an alternative version showing his other OC Lass reacting to the proposition (shown below center). On March 1st, 2018 Matsu-sensei released a more mature version of the original image drawing (shown below right).

Touch the COW. Do it now. Toud e Cow Do i+ now Touch the Do it no Touch theocou. Do i

Over the years, the phrase was parodied and edits of the original comic incluing other popular characters from other media became popular on the internet (examples shown below).

Various Examples

De C: Touch the COW. Do it now. OH! oh yes! Yes! ohhhh! 0 0 TOUCH THE COW Touch the COW W! Do it HE LITTLE BOTTLES ARE DAMNTINY Do it now Touch the COW. uC the cow Do MoT uc the cow itmou

Notable Characters

Milk Party's Cow Girl

The main female character from the Doujin Hentai "Milk Party". She's bought by the mother of the story's protagonist to produce milk for her household but she ends up getting pregnant because the protagonist gets a headband that makes her look human and has sex with her. She's commonly used in memes were she is compared to common cows or in cosplays.


Created by the Japanese artist hataraki-ari, she is an energetic Cowgirl that is the main character of the series Ushikko Sukimi created by the same author.



Created by Matsu-sensei and popularized by the "Touch The Cow" meme.

You can draw anvthinq on a canvas, and upure usina it to turn girl i Butth that techiue,you could draw realism! But I dont want to drauu realism. I wart to turn airls


Character Name Sukimi Style Zasalamel AD SERIES NORMAL JAPANESE COW COW THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE 、ア,, Come Or Come and touch the Milky Cow! Moo ite

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[1] Matsu-sensei – Deviantart

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