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Moon Over June

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Moon Over June is a pornographic comedy comic created by the artist/writer WocGirl. The comic is about two roommates/lovers: Hatsuki, an Asian porn star, and Summer, a ginger lesbian gynecologist, and their sexual antics and lives. The comic has achieved notoriety online due to a number of criticisms, most notably the quality of the artwork and accusations of sexism towards men.


Moon Over June debuted on the pornographic comic website Slipshine on February 23rd, 2007.[2] WocGirl also does the far less-known Tales From the Woc for the site. On March 19th, 2007, the comic was given its own site.[3]

Controversy and Criticism

Moon Over June has been a source of much controversy. Extremely negative reviews of the comic can be found on Encyclopedia Dramatica [4] (who state that in webcomics "few reach the abyssal trenches that Moon Over June achieves") and The Bad Webcomics Wiki,[5] which gave it the 2nd lowest score available. The comic is featured in the So Bad It's Horrible section of Webcomics on TV Tropes.[6]


A common source of complaint of the comic is the main character of Summer Winters, who, due to growing up with loud and obnoxious brothers, has a huge hatred of men. Jokes about her hatred of men are common throughout the comic,[8] with her at one point even claiming that if her baby turns out to be a boy, she would immediately give it up for adoption. This, the lack of notable or likable male characters in the comic, and Summer being turned on by the vaginas of her patients are often criticized by critics of the comic.

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The most mocked feature of the webcomic is the facial expressions of the characters. The facial expressions used in the comic, often in times of sexual intercourse and ecstasy, are a frequent source of much of the criticism of the comic, mentioned in depth in the Bad Webcomics Wiki. The unintentionally disturbing quality of these faces leads to them being used occasionally as reaction faces.

Moon Over June Faces: An average sampling. 2

On September 8th, 2011 a single topic blog was set up on Tumblr titled "Moon Over June Faces", in which viewers take photos of themselves recreating the unusual expressions made by the characters in real life.[7]

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