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Tom Preston

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Tom Preston (real name Andrew Dobson) is a Deviantart artist and webcomic creator most famous for the creation of his comic "So, You're a Cartoonist?"[1], an autobiographical comic about life as a cartoonist. Although he has achieved some success and popularity online, with over 50,000+ subscribers on DeviantArt, he has also become infamous for the quality of his comics and art and his highly controversial responses to critique.[citation needed]


Tom Preston made his debut on the internet by posing as a girl named Catty Nebulart (a.k.a CattyN).[citation needed] Under this alias, he created and posted inflation artwork, a fetish in which characters are artificially pumped full of air so that they expand.


So You're a Cartoonist?

On 1st January 2011 Tom Preston started a webcomic titled "So You're a Cartoonist", a comedic autobiographical comic about Tom Preston's life as an unemployed cartoonist, the first page uploaded being titled "Starving Artist"[2]. This comic was to become Preston's most famous work to this day, although it was to become the source of much controversy and criticism, like much of his other work.

starving artist microwave potato Wow! can't believe it's not butter


Despite the popularity of his work and his comic, the content of Preston's comics and his behavior online has received major criticisms[more info]. Negative reviews can be found on The Bad Webcomic Wiki[3] and The Webcomic Overlook[4], both of whom gave it the lowest possible scores. He is a frequent source of mockery on websites including Encyclopedia Dramatica[5], Something Awful[6], 4chan and Tumblr.

Anonymous No 36337727 Version 3 /co/ & /ic/ hates him because he's a terrible comic artist and an egotistical asshole who can't take artistic criticism /v/ hates him because his taste in videogames is so horrible that it's amazing a hates him because he rips off anime/manga while simultaneously talking about how much he /d/ hates him because his inflation p--n isn't even that good /sp/ hates him because he has some kinda vendetta against 'jocks' and suggests that thefre gay. /g/ hates him because he's technologically retarded. hates him for his portrayal of lesbians /o/ hates him because he doesn't get why people love cars /tg/ hates him because he doesn't understand

Criticisms of Preston's work are often pointed to his over reliance on portraying himself as the victim and heavy use of strawman arguments, with critics of his work portrayed as screaming derisive jerks[3][4]. [citation needed]

You hate Anime and Manga just because it's popular! Admit it! Well not exactly but That's so shallow and superficial! Justin Bieber! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! Derp! hate him cuz he's popular

Preston's Responses

Tom Preston has been known to leave long negative replies to any form of constructive criticism or he receives, either responding with sarcasm or pointing out why the commentators points are wrong.[citation needed] In certain cases, he has even been known to simply hide and ban comments that he disagrees with[citation needed]

This joke isn't funny. It's too predictable. Why? What's wrong? A comic like this should only have three beats according to the ternary rhythm. The introduction, the premise, and the Shhh Do you hear that? That's the sound of nobody caring


Anonymous 09/27/14 (Sat) 14:29:49 No.7475 File (hide): 1411820989782.ipg (20.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1304893291181.jpg) >mfw /co/ mods ban people for posting Carnival it being spam e under the excuse of

Carnevale is often utilized in 4chan (and 8chan) threads whenever they discuss Preston due to his fear of Carnival masks.

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