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Temmie Covers

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H0i!! i'm kymmie!!


"Temmie" Covers refer to various remixes of two songs "Tem Shop" and "Temmie Village" from the soundtrack of the 2015 indie video game Undertale, in which the original track(s) is either rearranged to follow the rhythm of another song or instruments of a midi is replaced with the music creation studio Mixcraft's "boyband" soundfont, which is used as an instrument on the "Temmie Village" theme.[6]


"Temmie Village" is the 43rd and "Tem Shop" is the 44th track in the official soundtrack of Undertale. These can be heard whenever the player enters the Temmie Village and its "Tem Shop". The village is entirely populated by monsters called "Temmies" who are known for their odd appearance and use of poor grammar. While it is currently unknown who made the first cover of the song, one of the earliest known covers is "undertale temmie get money for colege" by SoundCloud user archdiggle, which is a mashup with the single "Whales" by Hail Mary Mallon.[3]


On September 30th, 2015, Vinesauce streamer Vargskelethor (Vinesauce Joel) did a livestream in which he played Undertale. During the stream, he took a break to make a remix of the "Raining Blood"[4] midi with the soundfont used on the village theme, which was a built-in Boy Band soundfont of the music maker software Mixcraft. The concept of Temmie Covers became more popular after the stream due to Vargskelethor's popularity. On October 22nd, the "Tem Covers Nobody Wanted" Tumblr single topic blog was created, and featured various Temmie Village remixes, made both by the blog's creator and by other Tumblr users.[5]

Note: This video is not the full stream.

Various Examples

The majority of remixes and mashups of the "Temmie Village" theme can be found on Tumblr and SoundCloud under the tag "#Temmie".[1][2]

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