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I'm Wing Gaster, the Royal Scientist

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Added 2 months ago by Phillip Hamilton • Updated about a month ago by Phillip Hamilton

I'm Wing Gaster, the Royal Scientist
I'm Wing Gaster, the Royal Scientist


I'm Wing Gaster, the Royal Scientist is a quote from the 2016 Undertale fan game Undertale: Battle Mode spoken by W.D. Gaster, referred to as "Wing Gaster" in the game, before the player battles him, with the player pushing Gaster down a hole after the battle. The game was released in November 2016 and became notably popular over the following years despite criticisms towards its quality, with the "royal scientist" scene and quote becoming the subject of memes.


On November 22nd, 2016, GameJolt[1] user yosheDev released their Undertale fan game Undertale: Battle Mode, a game in which the player goes through several custom Undertale-style boss fights. The game's page was viewed over 1.1 million times over the next eight years. On June 28th, 2019, YouTuber[2] Merg posted a playthrough of the game where, at the 12:21 mark, they encounter the fight with W.D. Gaster. Gaster introduces himself, saying, "I'm Wing Gaster! The Royal Scientist."

On September 2nd, 2023, Redditor u/hollow_masterblock posted a screenshot of the scene to /r/Deltarune[3] with an additional speech bubbling asset, writing, "this scene was fucking crazy in chapter 6," garnering over 500 upvotes in five months (shown below).

*887#888888888888 EE ET I'm Wing Gaster! The royal scientist


On September 25th, 2023, X[4] user @coltonscoolMAIN shared the screenshot as an example of a "fucked up deltarune edit" in a thread consisting of similar images fitting the theme, garnering over 1,600 likes in five months. On November 25th, X[5] user @twtyouzrs0le posted the screenshot in response to a post claiming Gaster's first name is "WindDing," garnering over 440 likes in five months (shown below).

Soulstice/Bea - E | COMMS OPEN @twtyouzrs le 0000000018 TTTTTEN ATTT!!!!!! E * I'm Wing Gaster! The royal scientist TIL Cibles (PLUSHIES NOW AVAILABLE) @CiblesGD - Nov 25, 2023 The Undertale fandom won't be ready if it's revealed that Gaster's first name is actually Wingdings and every character addresses him as it 2:38 PM - Nov 25, 2023 8,531 Views

On December 26th, YouTuber[6] Beethovenus posted a voice-overed edit of the scene in which Gaster says the line and is then pushed off the cliff, garnering over 99,100 views in two months (shown below, left). On December 31st, X[7] user @Agrimmora posted, "I played the fangame where 'royal scientist wing gaster' comes from and it was a mess, not only is it buggy as hell but it also just ends with you fighting the self inserts of the creators," garnering over 3,300 likes in two months.

On January 18th, 2024, YouTuber[8] dominicfox101 posted a reanimation of Beethovenus' video, garnering over 40,000 views in a month (shown below, right).

On the same day, Redditor u/ERR0RakaDeadK4t posted a meme to /r/Undertale[9] referencing the scene, titled, "Wing Shop," garnering over 2,400 upvotes in a month (shown below).

HCI PRII HIST&BLP ILIPINAL JOZINK *I'm as wing as the royal scientist can get, kid. Wing Ding Remember Stop this 1987G 9/8 Fam

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