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Muffet is a boss character from the indie video game Undertale, who resembles a large clothed spider a bow, pigtails and teacups in her hands. Online, the character has developed a following for her unique design and her frequent comparison to the character Rachnera from Monster Musume.


The character was created for Undertale as a backer-reward for the game's Kickstarter[1]. The creator of the character was Michelle Czajkowski, the author of the webcomic Ava's Demon, who stated that she only designed the character's appearance, whereas Toby Fox, Undertale's creator, wrote her dialogue and backstory[2]. In-game, Muffet appears near the end of the Hotlands area, trapping the main character in a spider web. During the battle with her, she states that there is a bounty on the main character, and that with their defeat, she would have enough money to help her fellow spiders from the Ruins be reunited with the other spiders.

Online Relevance

The character has developed a following on multiple sites online. There are over 8000 results for the term "Muffet" on DeviantArt (although not all results are related to the character herself)[3] and has multiple references on Steam's Undertale discussion forum.[4] She also has multiple search results on Tumblr[5], over 160 results on pixiv[6] and over 6000 references on 4chan, particularly on /v/ and /vg/.[7] As of January 23rd 2016, there are over 70,000 results for "Muffet" on Youtube[8].

Does Spider Have Pusspuss?

Does Spider Have Pusspuss is a phrase asking if spiders have genitals, which is usually used in reference to Muffet. The phrase seems to have originated from a Yahoo! Answers topic made on November 12th 2012.[9] Search results for the term had a spike in mid-2014 but after the release of Undertale, search interest for the term rose rapidly.[10]

Spider Dance

Spider Dance is the name of the song which plays during Muffet's boss fight.[11] The song has been featured in various mashups, remixes and covers on Soundcloud[13]. On October 14th, YouTube user Weegy uploaded an animation of Muffet and other spiders dancing to the song, which gained over 2 million views as of January 2016.

Search Interest

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So Muffet's creator calls her a cute lil' baby spider
She likes tea parties
She irrationally respects the player for not hurting spiders, yet shows no concern of them hurting anyone else
She seems to respect only spiders, likely because they resemble her, and has not learned to respect people for who they are on the inside
She seems to hissy fit with harsher attacks if the player does not pay her
She demands money out of the player by "gunpointing" them
She takes no time to ask the player whether or not they hurt any spiders directly from them and only trusts her own biased misconception, signalling closed mindedness, which is common in:


Muffet's a little girl! She's an immature little brat due to her age! She's very young!



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