Trashcat Is Not Amused

Trashcat Is Not Amused

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Shuttlecat .is not amused


Trashcat is not amused is a LOLcat image macro series based on pictures of cats and pop icons looking profoundly unimpressed or even displeased. Conversely, images of happy cats or such are accompanied by a macro that reads "X is amused." In similar vein to DO NOT WANT, these images are typically used in discussion forums and imageboards to express one's verdict over the quality of previous post.


In January 2006, a strange picture of a cat stuck in a trash can surfaced on a Myspace subpage hosted by LazyBoy's Underwear Goes Inside the Pants project. It is believed to be one of the earliest instances to use the catchphrase "X is not amused" [citation needed / still researching]:


Possible Precursor: Limecat?

Limecat, also know as meloncat, is an internet meme that got roots in a now defunct website called which is believed to have existed between 2003 and 2004. While it is also believed that it started the fame of the X does not approve meme, one of the first instance of an image macro with text involving limecat was "Limecat is not pleased":


Spread & Trend

At first, it was seen as just one of many variants of LOLcat meme. But as more images of unamused cats came along, the catchphrase was soon paired up with famous people looking disappointed as well. For more, check out the Photos section below.


Featuring Gravity Cat :

And featuring Monorail cat:

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